Monday, August 31, 2015

Randolph Mantooth Reveals Cancer Battle: "I Am Feeling Stronger Every Day"

Randolph Mantooth
Soap opera alum and Emergency! star Randolph Mantooth revealed that he has been battling cancer in a post on his Facebook page on Sunday.

"Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with cancer, and I decided to share that news with only a small circle of family and friends, who respected and honored my request for privacy, and were there to help every step of the way," explained Randolph Mantooth, who turns 70 on September 19.

"It pleases me to say that I have successfully completed treatment and have begun the long recovery process," the actor continued. "I am feeling stronger every day and am focusing now on getting back to my normal life as quickly as I can."

Mantooth's daytime credits include Loving (Alex Masters aka Clay Alden), General Hospital (as Richard Halifax), Loving spinoff The City, As the World Turns (as Hal Munson) and One Life to Live (as Kirk Harmon).


  1. Sad news. If anyone can beat it, it's Randy. Had the pleasure of hanging with him back in the LOVING days. One of the nice guys.

  2. Man I hope he is better soon. Emergency is my comfort show, sounds like a great guy.

  3. Here's to a healthy recovery and many years ahead for him!

  4. I remember him from ATWT. Ben Hendrickson was much beloved in that role but I think Mantooth did a pretty good job while filling in.
    Having had loved ones who battled cancer, I know it is the fight of a lifetime but he sounds like he has an affirmative outlook.
    I hope he makes a complete recovery and lasting remission.

  5. I watched all the epitisods of Emergency Loved all the actors on there god bless you Randy stay strong