Sunday, August 16, 2015

'Days of our Lives' Stars Galen Gering, Kristian Alfonso and Stephen Nichols Talk with 'Android TV' About The Soap's 50th Anniversary

Android TV spoke with Days of our Lives stars Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady), Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) and Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) about the show's upcoming 50th anniversary and more.

"Our formula has now been adopted by primetime feature films and able," Alfonso explained. "It's very successful."

"Right now as we go into our 50th, everything is peaking," Gering added. "As actors, you love when the writing you have for your character reflects who you think your character is and, at times, that's now always the case. It is now."

"Absolutely, I'm thrilled to say that I recognize my character," Alfonso continued. "For a few years, it was in and out, uncharacteristic for her to say things and do certain things. I have to say that she's back. Hope is back, and I embrace her and I'm enjoying her. She's completely unpredictable."

"The energy on the show, it's never been like this," Nichols says. "It's electric and exciting."

Watch their interview below:


  1. I really wish the person doing the interview moved the mic towards her when she asked questions. You can't hear any of the questions.

  2. Great interview. You can feel how energized and stoked they are for the 50th and the show in general!