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FLASHBACK: 'Another World' The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice (Part 7)

Another World starred Jacqueline Courtney as
Alice Matthews.
ANOTHER WORLD: The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice

The Soap Box
Vol. IV No. 6 June 1979
by Bryna Laub

(continued from Part 6)

The next day Alice went to Steven's office and in those impersonal surroundings told him of Rachel's accusations. Steven told her it was impossible but when Alice pushed, he admitted he'd succumbed to Rachel's seduction that one night only, explaining he and Alice had apparently broken off permanently and Rachel had separated from Russ. He begged Alice to let it go, to accept the chances were overwhelming that the baby was Russ's and to go on loving him.

But Alice coldly replied that Steven had betrayed her and that while the chances were indeed slim, it was possible this baby was his. She then slid his lovely engagement ring from her finger and walked quietly out of his life.

If Steven thought she might reconsider, he soon found he was wrong. Alice continued to work at the hospital and went about her life as usual. The only difference in her life was that she tried to pretend that Steven Frame didn't exist and never had.

Rachel knew Russ suspected something happened between Alice and herself the night of the party but he never came out and asked her about it. Alice momentarily terrified Rachel when she coldly informed her she still hadn't made up her mind about telling Russ about the baby. But as time went by and Alice remained silent, Rachel decided Alice's threat was empty.

Rachel went into labor several weeks later and gave birth to a tiny but perfect baby boy whom she named James Gerald, after Russ's father and her own. Mary and Jim, who had recently been told by Alice about the reason for the broken engagement, were uncomfortable visiting the proud mother as they, like Alice, couldn't be sure this child was their own flesh and blood.

To Russ's amazement, Rachel threw herself into motherhood with total dedication. She hovered over the baby, restricting everyone including Russ to a look-but-don't-touch distance. Russ found he'd faded into the background as there wasn't any room for him in Rachel's' life now.

Suddenly Rachel's demands were in Jamie's name. He needed a room of his own and a safe place to play, she announced, and located a lovely two bedroom apartment with a balcony in a new high-rise for Russ's approval. He approved, all right, but told her firmly the rent, more than twice what they were paying now, was out of the question.

George Reinholt starred as Steven Frame.
But Rachel's son was not to be denied. When Steven coldly refused her request for money, again denying the child, Rachel recalled the Matthewses had mentioned establishing a trust fund for their grandchildren. But her subtle hints came to naught when Russ, in agreeing to allow his parents to loan him money to establish his clinic practice, insisted they forget the trust fun.

Rachel, however, took advantage of Russ's attending an out-of-town medical seminar to broadcast through Liz Matthews the Matthews' intention of setting up a trust for Jamie. To end the emotional blackmail, Jim finally set up a trust savings account for the boy with Rachel as sole trustee until Russ's return.

With cash in hand Rachel rented the new apartment and had the household moved before Russ arrived home. He was furious that she would use Jamie's money for an apartment but couldn't break the lease. So he put her on a stringent budget to cover the rent and this, of course, widened the gap in their marriage. Rachel really didn't care. Her world revolved around her son, her new home, and her continued efforts to find her father.

And then, out of the blue, the answer to her search was quite literally dropped in her lap. Lenore and Walter had been out of town and brought back souvenir matches from a new restaurant-casino they had discovered in Somerset, a town about an hour's drive from Bay City. Idly examining the Riverboat matches, Rachel was shocked to see the words Gerald Davis, owner, leap out at her.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rachel saw Gerald's name on the April 30, 1970 episode of Another World.

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