NEWS: Alicia Minshew, Holly Gagnier, Patricia Healy, Heidi Mueller, Beverly Penberthy, Frank Valentini

General Hospital casting new female teen role
GH has sent out a casting call for a "complex late teens Caucasian female who is beautiful and dynamic to start shooting a new contract role in two months."

Home of General Hospital alum Patricia Healy destroyed by fire
Patricia Healy (ex-Tammy, GH) had to jump out of the second-story window of her townhouse apartment when her home was destroyed by a fire that broke out at a nearby, under-construction building in Toluca Lake, CA, on June 19. Her beloved dog, Winston, was killed in the fire, and Healy and husband Sergio Terrazas lost everything they owned in the blaze. A friend of the couple is raising money on GoFundMe.

Holly Gagnier had fun shooting General Hospital
Soap vet Holly Gagnier (ex-Ivy, Days of our Lives; ex-Cassie, One Life to Live) in the role of GH's Jennifer Smith, picking up where Lisa Marie, Roseanne Barr and Sally Struthers left off. "I really had probably the most fun I've ever had on a soap," she says. "Tony [Geary, Luke] and Genie [Francis, Laura] could not have been more loving, more supportive, more encouraging for me to just go the distance with it."

All My Children actress Alicia Minshew joins Year Rounders
Minshew (ex-Kendall, All My Children) is the first actor to officially join Sudsville's new soap, Year Rounders, playing Georgina Phillips, who is described as a "slightly tarnished trophy wife with a bad prenup.” Look for her to have a different look than she’s sported on other shows, says Creator Meg Kelly.

Passions star Heidi Mueller marries DeMarco Murray, pregnant with second child
Heidi Mueller (ex-Kay, Passions) revealed on Twitter that not only have she and DeMarco Murray, who plays in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, tied the knot, but they are expecting another child. The couple is already parents to a daughter, Savanna, 2.

Another World actress Beverly Penberthy at Alan Rickman event
Penberthy– who doesn’t look much different now– acted in the first ever play Alan Rickman directed in the U.S. It was called “Desperately Yours,” and was produced at the Colonnade Theater (now where Blue Man Group resides) in 1980, when Beverly was at the height of her long run on “Another World.” She and Rickman have remained close ever since then.

Restaurant TV star Willie Degel selling two homes in Hamptons
Degel, who lives in an Old Brookville home he built himself, has been building and selling homes on the East End for more than a decade. In 2003, he sold his first home, in Bridgehampton, to Frank Valentini, the former executive producer, director and composer for the ABC soap opera One Life to Live (now at GH), for $1.550 million.

In an age of reboots and personal expression, is continuity the devil for comics?
Soap operas, the model for the continuity-heavy superhero style (the editor of X-Men used to hand out Days of our Lives scripts to his writers to teach them how to write), never had any problem hooking new viewers; they might not know exactly what was going on, but they’d pick it up eventually. The point is to make new readers want to follow along even if they don’t get everything right away; when the story is boring, it’s easier to blame the continuity because it’s easier to fix than the quality of the stories.

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  1. I'm wondering if the new girl on GH might be Brook Lynn Ashton? She was born in the late 90s so maybe the writers could undo a little of her SORAS and bring her back with dad Ned, though two recasts at once might be a bit too much. Brook Lynn does have romantic connections to Lucas, Dante and Nikolas.