Thursday, May 1, 2014

Michelle Stafford Joins 'General Hospital'

Michelle Stafford has joined the cast of General Hospital.
Emmy-winning actress Michelle Stafford, best known for her portrayal of Phyllis in The Young and the Restless, has joined the cast of ABC daytime drama General Hospital in the role of Silas's not-so-dead wife, Nina Clay. In the stunning conclusion of the May 1st episode, viewers saw Nina for the first time as she awakened from a 20-year coma.

Stafford was snuck into the studio to shoot Thursday's surprise reveal.

"GH has been on hiatus for the past two weeks and Michelle doesn't really start taping until we resume," head writer Ron Carlivati explained to Daytime Confidential. "But we realized that as soon as she did, the news would be out there long before her episodes began airing. It was actually Frank's idea to try to slip her into an earlier show that had already been written and shot, so we could take everyone by surprise."

According to ABC, the truth surrounding Nina's mysterious circumstances will reveal itself in the weeks and months to come, as her tangled web of family history starts to unravel.

Were you surprised? Are you excited to see Stafford on General Hospital?

Watch Stafford's GH debut below:


  1. Great surprise. I don't see why this character is needed on GH though.

  2. My sister watched the episode live and emailed me to avoid any soap blogs until I could watch the episode for there was a "nice surprise at the end." And with that, I avoided soap blogs and generated thoughts about beloved former GH characters showing up on my screen. Could it have been Laura Spencer or Jax or Lucky, heck, even Robin would have a constituted as a "nice surprise." No, I got Nina. Yes, she's played by Michelle Stafford but three things prevented me from being surprised or joyful at this reveal: 1.) I try hard to avoid spoilers but even I had heard about Stafford's likely casting as Nina; 2.) it's a shit-tastic storyline featuring characters I don't care at all about or have never seen! (e.g., Silas, Sam, Nathan, Madeline; and 3.) no matter how strong the actor, it's one more new character on a bloated canvas.

    A few questions:

    - Does anyone actually care? I cared alot about the casting of Donna Mills but that turned out to be a great disappointment.

    - How can we not see even less Tracy, Monica, Alexis, Carly, Liz, Nik, Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Mac, Scotty and Ric when a brand new character is being introduced?

    - Why does GH bear little resemblance to itself? At least under Guza, established characters weren't completely shafted in favor of new characters.

    1. Well...she was on my all time favorite soap...Y&R. If they write her a great story line you will love her and will get excited about her.

  3. Im glad she's on GH I adore Michelle Stafford butttt as said on twitter is this gonna take screen time from the vets who've be on longer!? Cause i love me some Carly :)))

  4. The story lines are horrible. A waste of Donna Mills talent. Don't care avout the characters or the "recycling" Of actors..crazy..sory lunes are all over the place..Why all the changes?