Thursday, May 22, 2014

Former 'Guiding Light' and 'One Life to Live' Star Gina Tognoni Joins 'The Young and the Restless'

Gina Tognoni in October 2013. Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos
Two-time Emmy winner Gina Tognoni, 40, has been cast as the new Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless. The character, originated by Michelle Stafford and also played by Sandra Nelson, has been hospitalized and off the show since last summer.

A rep for Y&R revealed to TV Guide Magazine that Tognoni's audition and take on the character was "flawless."

Tognoni's soap opera roles include Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live and Dinah Marler on Guiding Light.

"I think there's a reason why they pick certain actors for certain roles," Tognoni told We Love Soaps TV in a 2010 interview. "They've got something there that is really on the surface that can give life to the character."

Tognoni is scheduled to debut on Y&R on Monday, August 11.

Stafford recently joined the cast of General Hospital as Nina Clay. She will next air on June 3rd.

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  1. Good choice. I can't see her playing Daniel's mother but I doubt they'll bring him back anyway.

  2. Hmmm...interesting. I am not excited about this news. I loved her take on Dinah first...but then she relied on the same over-emoting and constant distress that hurt my ability to enjoy the character (same with Crystal Chappell.) I think her reputation exceeds her talent (same with Chappel who blubbered tears and snot for like 6 years between GL and DAYS.) Tognoni couldn't touch Wendy Moniz's take on Dinah Marler in the mid-90's. Tognoni's Kelly Cramer never made much of an impression on me.

    I could see Tognoni as Victoria Newman (thought I wouldn't replace Amelia Heinle.)

    I'd rather see Phyllis Summers played by Robin Christopher, Jamie Luner, Nicole Forrester, Kassie DePaiva or Cynthia Watros (if KDP or CW were available.)

  3. jamie luner would have been a much better choice. she has the look and her acting talents are off the hook. she was fab on amc.

  4. This is a Maura West re-do. A great actress miscast in a role for an older actress. Daniel is her twin brother now. Sorry, but another JFP recast failure in the making.

  5. Avery's "Big Sis" whom she always looked up to and wanted to be like when she grew up has become her "Little Sis" .. lol!

  6. Casie DePavia, perfect replacement for the Phyllis role!

  7. I would have preferred if Gina took over the role of Victoria instead. But I think I can buy her as Phyllis.

  8. dumb choice. Going to be difficult to see her as Phyllis.