Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Day in YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Tweets: Michael Muhney Quotes Ben Franklin, Co-Stars Offer Support For Hunter King

Michael Muhney tweeted that he was fired from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and the role of Adam Newman on December 17. He's been quiet ever since, until Monday when he tweeted, "Benjamin Franklin said it best, 'Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.' "

On Tuesday, he followed that tweet up with the following: "...and that quote doesn't only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone. #respect"

Meanwhile, his former-co-stars are coming out in support of actress Hunter King, who was on the receiving end of some vicious tweets following the TMZ story about Muhney being fired for allegedly groping King's breasts.
Joshua Morrow ‏(@JoshuaMorrowYR):
Some people better lighten up on @HunterHaleyKing Shes a great kid & doesn't deserve any1 sayin anything negative about her #Ridiculous

Eileen Davidson ‏(@eileen_davidson):
@YRInsider @YR_CBS 2 u who r bashing @HunterHaleyKing. Shes amazing, brave & courageous. She deserves 2 b applauded & repsected. THE END

Eileen Davidson ‏(@eileen_davidson):
@HunterHaleyKing I have so much respect for you Hunter. My thoughts are with you. xoxoxox

Davidson later tweeted in response to a fan: "Hunter is not guilty of anything."

Greg Rikaart (@gregrikaart) defended King with fans who apparently believe they deserve to see Sony's internal employee reports on the firing before they make a decision about who is "guilty" in this ugly situation.

Christel Khalil (@ChristelAdnana) retweeted the following:
@DaysAddict The continued victimization of @HunterHaleyKing by other women is unacceptable to this and most woman AND men!

Jessica Collins ‏@JessicaCollins):
Yes Brandon. #Kindness RT @DaysAddict
Can all my soap followers do me a favor and send some love & support to @HunterHaleyKing? Thanks! #YR
In other news, TMZ posted another Muhney story about when he was fired from VERONICA MARS, with their sources stating it was "partly because his ego was out of control."

One TMZ source said, "I'm not a fan of Michael's," adding, "He had a VERY strong sense of self." We're told the consensus was ... his personality was just really tough to take. The final straw was that Michael allegedly released portions of the season finale online."

Another source tells TMZ ... the final straw was that Michael allegedly released portions of the season finale online.

With multiple stories about Muhney on TMZ and an appearance on their television show as well, it looks like they realize his firing equates to website hits and possibly ratings.


  1. Really all this sounds like a bunch of 'he said,she said' mess! & now other shows wanna have the balls to say how MM has been on their shows!?
    - hmm stop the madness if Michael M. was acting that way on these previous shows b4 Y&R hired him they should have known how his ego was by the rumors..

  2. Fans of Michael Muhney would be smart to let this die. It is in Michael's best interest if this story gets out of the public spotlight sooner rather than later. Renting planes and campaigning for an employee to get their job back that was fired for THIS is only making it worse for him IMO. Showing him support in other ways would probably mean a lot more to him than media attention.

  3. TMZ has admitted that their primary source for the story was soap opera message boards.

    1. I was told a very similar story three weeks ago by one of my sources. I was never planning to reveal it, and sad that TMZ did for Hunter's sake. My source does not work for Sony or Y&R. I'm glad TMZ posted about where they got their story because "fans" were being incredibly rude to CBS daytime chief Angelica McDaniel, blaming her for leaking the story. She is about as nice and classy a person as you'd ever want to meet. Too many good people, including the Y&R cast, are being insulted on Twitter over this. It has revealed a very ugly side of human behavior that makes me very sad to know exists.

    2. I've always appreciated your style of reportage, Roger.
      At this point, your's is the only site that can report the story without the need to 'save face' because you've never made the mistake that other blogs do, which is to lobby and play favorites. I'm sure you have your own opinions but you've managed to not let them seep into the articles that you present here on WLS.
      Keep doing WLS in the manner that you've been presenting it-- your instincts are correct. It's one of the very few blogs that has any integrity in matters like these, as far as I'm concerned.

    3. a1scrivener, I really, really appreciate your comments. We Love Soaps became my full-time business in 2012 and I'm pretty sure it would be more lucrative to go the other way but it's just not what I want to be known for. The fact that someone "gets" what we're trying to do means a lot. :)

    4. Just callin'it as I see it. I'm glad you made the decision to go for good informative coverage over click$
      It's obvious that you put in a good deal of work into presenting timely articles. You seem to strike a good balance between championing the soap genre and letting people form their own opinions.

  4. Some fans need to 'stand down'. They are being incredibly boorish and seem intent on adhering to every ridiculous stereotype of the crazy and obsessive soap fan. Nurse Betty showed more restraint than some of these folks!
    Hunter King is showing class, in refraining from tweets. Others should consider doing the same.

  5. I've heard about the fans who came together & bought a banner to fly over the studio..,it would just be better if they just go ahead & let it go he's been fired nothing nobody can do about it

  6. Exactly, Tiffany. If MM violated a company policy which could possibly result in criminal charges, flying a banner over the studio will not get his job back. Better yet, these fans who are so concerned over MM and his family now that he is out of work, donate the money collected for the banner to MM to help put food on his table. That will be much more productive than the banner.