Monday, January 27, 2014

NEWS: Luis Avalos, William Roache, Frank Runyeon, Paul James, Robin Strasser, Lauralee Bell

ELECTRIC COMPANY Actor Luis Avalos Dies at 67
Luis Avalos, the Cuban-born character actor best known for his work on the PBS kids show The Electric Company, died Wednesday after suffering a recent heart attack. He was 67.

Avalos played Doctor Doolots -- a composite of Doctor Dolittle and Groucho Marx who used words to cure his patients -- and many other characters on the show. He came on board in 1972 during the second season and remained part of the cast until ELECTRIC COMPANY wrapped in 1977.

He also played Jose Melendez in RYAN'S HOPE in 1978.

CORONATION STREET's William Roache acquitted of one of seven abuse charges
Jurors at Preston Crown Court were directed to acquit Roache of the indecent assault charge because of insufficient evidence. Roache is still on trial over two rape and four indecent assault allegations. He denies the charges, which relate to incidents between 1965 and 1971.

Hip-Hop Drama From Lee Daniels, Danny Strong Lands Pilot Order at Fox
The network has picked up EMPIRE, a drama pilot from The Butler's Daniels and Strong. The family drama is set in the world of a hip-hop empire. The drama will feature both original and current music.

GREEK Alum Paul James Joins Season 10 in Potentially Recurring Role
According to a GREY'S insider, his character comes to the hospital to assist with research.

Robin Strasser talks Prospect Park on Twitter
Strasser (Dorian, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) took to Twitter to discuss her feelings about OLTL getting shelved — and the unpaid salary she is reportedly owed from Prospect Park. "OK-I'll step IN it:) I signed a #PPP contract for a full year! When they "shelved" #OLTL pending lawsuits w/ #ABC I did NOT think: cancelled," she said. "SHELVED doesn't mean CANCELLED. Vet me w/dictionary-W/guarantee of a # of weeks work during a year-I worked 11 until "SHELVED" stay tuned... NAIEVE is not a word often applied to me LOL but I want #OLTL#AMC to be REVIVED & STAY THAT WAY! SUE ME:) & if I've mis-stepped-they WILL:) I RESPECTFULLY requested to be paid the balance of my 1YR contract on or about 2/14 if production didn't resume. #PPP sed w/due respect: NO I LOVE #PPP OR any entity that goes the DISTANCE:) for #OLTL#AMC :) I'd go recurring if #ABC gets smart again LOL I'm so smart I'm stupid:) Back to conclude point: Legally #PPP has in their contract the term: ceases production. Ergo: shelved='s no dough for many:( shelf=cancelled Does this mean "give up"? or start hunting down meanies? I'm too exhausted & chubby for that:) But I remain BIG on #SOAPS & FANS who LOVE'em FACE SAVER I'm a Magical thinker-IMO a good solution: #ABC & #PPP negotiate compromise- #AMC#OLTL back on network-PP gets fair $hare MAGIC? I'M STEWING TOO LONG (lol) I've got to go live my purported real life...but I'm sure I've got more than ONE Life to Live Dagnabit I MISS it"

“For sure there was a bit of a clash in my mind, being a Christian and a soap opera actor, but these kinds of themes are in all of our stories and not just soaps,” said Runyeon, who will perform multiple Decatur shows Sunday and Monday at Our Lady of Lourdes. “Soaps are just more ridiculous. And the culture of that soap opera industry changed a whole lot in the years when I was acting.”

Soap Opera Showdown! Vote for the Best Soap of All Time
Round 2 started today.

EASTENDERS' Samantha Womack: 'Soap has a very positive vibe now'
"Danny Dyer and his new family are insanely talented, they are very cool. The show has got a very positive vibe at the moment and we really embrace new talent at EASTENDERS."

The new BLACK SAILS on Starz: a sexy, violent pirate soap opera
In some respects, it’s entirely different from the UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS machinations in SPARTACUS. But in other ways, BLACK SAILS really does play many of the same beats.

Lauralee Bell on the Making of Her New Series Mi PROMISE Tackling Teen Texting and Driving
"It took a few months for me to get it all on paper but I sat down one night and wrote the whole thing. I still wasn't sure I wanted to do it. Then I started thinking, 'I can shoot this whole thing in 3 days.'"

"When I was on The Young and the Restless growing up, I was always the 'good girl.' I was the character that always said 'no' to doing things that teenagers want to do. I didn't like always being that one, but my dad (who was the writer and producer) said 'just do it.' I wasn't exactly happy about it back then, but I will tell you, every time we had a storyline with the message 'It’s okay to say no,' we got praise, and the ratings went up. And a lot of that was the way it was done."

DAWSON'S CREEK Alum Ian Kahn to Play George Washington in TURN
AMC Network's TURN is based on Alexander Rose's book "Washington’s Spies: The Story of America'’s First Spy Ring" and centers on hard-working New York cabbage farmer Abraham Woodhull, who forms a group of spies with his pals in the summer of 1778. The gang winds up helping America greatly in its fight for independence.

SKINS Star Kathryn Prescott to Play New Queen on REIGN — But There's a Delicious Twist
The CW drama has cast Prescott as Penelope, a kitchen servant who, as part of an annual castle tradition, finds a bean in her slice of cake and becomes queen for a day.


  1. Womack's comment about the *new vibe* at EastEnders definitely resonates with this viewer. It's like night and day. And the arrival of The Carters is possibly one of the best new family introductions I've watched on any soap.

    And some other good news for EE showing longer-term commitment is that the BBC executive board just approved a major (20%) expansion and renovation project for the exterior set at Elstree:

    Walford is set to get bigger and better

  2. It's obvious that who ever wrote that article on Frank Runyeon did not watch As The World Turns. Steve Andropolous was rich?! He ran his own construction firm, but as far as I can recall, always seemed a few steps away from losing everything. By the end of the '80s, he'd pretty much lost everything.