Monday, January 13, 2014

Alejandra Guzmán To Sing LA IMPOSTORA Theme Song

Well-known Mexican singer and composer Alejandra Guzmán will sing "Para Mi," the theme song for Telemundo's new telenovela LA IMPOSTORA, produced in high definition and filmed on location around Mexico, including the world-famous beaches of Acapulco and Guerrero. LA IMPOSTORA, is a story full of love, intrigue, thrills and real-life situations starring Christian Bach, Sebastián Zurita and Lisette Morelos.

With an artistic career spanning more than 20 years, 10 million records sold, 16 albums released, 30 top 10 singles, and a never-ending search for artistic and spiritual growth, Alejandra Guzmán is without a doubt "the Queen of Rock."

Also known as "La Guzmán," Alejandra is one of the most prominent women in music. Recipient to countless accolades, including a Grammy Award, she is widely considered one of Latin America's most innovative and important voices. During her career, Alejandra has also established herself as a composer, actress, painter and dancer.

LA IMPOSTORA tells the story of Blanca Guerrero (Morelos), a beautiful waitress in a Mexican seaside city who has an extraordinary ability to imitate other people. A prominent businessman Adriano Ferrer (Manuel Landeta) discovers her talent and hires her to impersonate a millionaire New York investor. As part of her mission, she infiltrates the household of the Altamira family with the secret goal of discovering the whereabouts of Adriano's son, who vanished years ago. The plot thickens when she meets Eduardo Altamira (Sebastián Zurita), the son of Raquel Altamira (Christian Bach), with whom she falls passionately in love.

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