Wednesday, December 11, 2013

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL And Pan MacMillian Strike Deal For Books Based On The Show

An Australian publisher has acquired the global rights to bring the lives and loves of the American daytime drama THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL from the small screen to the page. Two novellas, based on the long running soap, will be published in February by Pan Macmillan and its digital first imprint Momentum ("Forbidden Affair" and "Collision Course"). Another two will follow in April, and two more in June. This is the first time Pan and Momentum have collaborated.

Pan Macmillan is betting on a large cross over between romance readers and dedicated THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL fans. Established romance writers Amy Andrews, from Brisbane, and Shannon Curtis, of Sydney, have written the new love stories featuring the show's signature characters. All storylines are vetted by THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL showrunner Bradley Bell, who granted the franchise earlier this year.

“Love stories that have yet to be seen on television can now fully ignite between the covers of these novels,” said Bell. “This partnership with Pan Macmillan and Momentum expands the choices our fans have to be entertained by the signature characters of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.”

“Getting the opportunity to work with such a successful international brand as THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and bring new stories to a global audience in print and digital is a hugely exciting experience for us all,” said Joel Naoum from Momentum and Claire Craig from Pan Macmillan.

The deal comes as THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL approaches its 7000th episode and 27th year on air.

Check out a synopsis of "Forbidden Affair" and "Collision Course" below:

"Forbidden Affair"
Steffy has returned after a year in Paris. She is determined to put her life back together and get over the miscarriage and her divorce from Liam.

She resigns from Forresters, and Bill offers her a job as head of marketing and PR at Eye On Fashion.

Although Liam is back with Hope, he’s jealous that Steffy and his father are getting on so well. Hope is worried that Liam is still in love with Steffy.

Steffy volunteers at Daisy’s one afternoon and Bill joins her. They are alone when an earthquake hits, and the building collapses.

Trapped and frightened, they become closer, and Steffy realises she’s falling in love with Bill. Just as the rescuers are breaking through, Bill admits he feels the same.

Steffy and Bill head out into the future together.

"Collision Course"
Since he survived the plane crash, Bill has been having flashbacks and nightmares. He hides his anxiety under an aggressive exterior and a good bottle of Scotch.

Taylor has returned to counselling, and realises that Bill is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. She tricks Bill into accompanying her to a PTSD clinic and convinces him to listen to the returned soldiers. Bill slowly realises he shares some of the symptoms these men are experiencing.

With Taylor’s help, he starts to address his problem and he and Taylor begin to develop a relationship. Brooke, however, is furious that Bill is confiding in Taylor, not her – the mother of his miscarried baby and former mistress.

But Taylor is seeing Bill in a new light, and Bill finds the woman who seems to be his antithesis altruistic, positive, generous and kind.


  1. Apparently, what's old is new again! Back in the 80s, some publisher called Pioneer Communications put out a whole series of paperback books just like this on many of the daytime soaps on the air at the time. They called it their "Soaps & Serials" collection. Each soap they did had about 14 in its set.

  2. This is the best thng that could happen to couldn't be happier.

  3. Ummm no Steffy needs to with Liam!