Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NEWS: ALL MY CHILDREN Shelved? GENERAL HOSPITAL Planing Another Nurses' Ball & Next Summer's Stories! Cheyenne Jackson Joins HBO's OPEN

Is Prospect Park shelving ALL MY CHILDREN too?
Insiders are reporting that Prospect Park is officially shelving its plans to bring ALL MY CHILDREN back for a second season. Staffers reportedly got word from Prospect Park today.

TV Guide magazine's Michael Logan also tweeted about it on Wednesday afternoon: "Is #ProspectPark "shelving" @allmychildren too? I'm hearing big announcement planned for this Friday."

50 Years Looks Good on ABC's GENERAL HOSPITAL
"We were all worried and we had a right to be worried. The show was in a very dark place and Ron [Carlivati] and I managed to come in and shake it up," executive producer Frank Valentini said.

GH marked its 50th anniversary by bringing back its popular Nurses' Ball, where the characters put on a formal ball, complete with musical performances, to raise money for AIDS and HIV research. There are plans for another Nurses' Ball next spring.

Vicki Dummer, executive vice president of ABC Media Group and Primetime Current Series, says she's been a fan of "GH" for more than 30 years and couldn't be happier.

"Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have done extraordinary work on 'GH' and have really turned the show around," she said in a recent statement, adding that the goal was to "redefine the show and give it a contemporary feel."

Valentini says he's already looking ahead to story lines for next summer.

GLEE's Lea Michele Recorded Song "You're Mine" For Cory Monteith on Debut Album
"It makes me so happy, this song," she says. "It makes me think so much of Cory. It was ours. When I think if him, I play this."

Ryan Murphy Developing GLEE Spinoff Show For Lea Michele
“They’re making the deals now and it also presents a viable exit plan for the main GLEE series itself — in that some of its core cast would also migrate to the Lea Michele project as GLEE is showing signs of aging.”

New Project For Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez
Eric Winter (ex-Rex, DAYS), currently starring in WITCHES OF EAST END on Lifetime, and wife, Roselyn Sanchez (Carmen, DEVIOUS MAIDS) have gotten involved with a new venture. "It's an animated project called LA GOLDA, created by my good friend George Valencia, who developed it with our good friend Judy Reyes [Zoila, DEVIOUS MAIDS]," he explains. "The moment I heard about the concept, the adorable lead character, and what the project stands for, I knew this little girl, La Golda, was a winner! Now that I’m a parent, the importance of the content we allow our children to watch is that much more significant. LA GOLDA is the perfect character to teach my child about the importance of education, respect and giving back all in a fun and vibrant way." [Kickstarter campaign]

Cheyenne Jackson Joins Ryan Murphy/HBO Pilot OPEN
OPEN, which Murphy co-wrote with Lauren Gussis, is described as a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships. It centers on five central characters played by Michelle Monaghan, Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley, Anna Torv and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jackson reportedly will be playing a handsome meth addict., Nikki Finke Cut Ties
A post on the site reads "we've learned that no one is indispensable," while Finke tweets, "Jay Penske has just told me I am free to leave. He tried to buy my silence. No sale."

CW Developing 1880s Paris Drama With Dan Jinks, ‘Hourman’ Adaptation With Dan Lin
Based on the book by Cathy Marie Buchanan, THE PAINTED GIRLS is set in 1880s Paris against the backdrop of the turbulent and exciting world of “La Belle Epoque” – decadence, poverty, sex, drugs and a serial killer running rampant throughout the city. It revolves around three sisters studying at a top ballet academy, one of whom becomes the muse for Edgar Degas and his famed paintings of ballerinas.

Lifetime Adapting Broadway’s ‘Trip to Bountiful,’ Cicely Tyson, Vanessa Williams to Reprise Roles
They will be joined by Blair Underwood alongside Keke Palmer. Michael Wilson, who directed the play, will make his television directorial debut with the project.

Jason Ritter Calls Suzanne Somers' THREE'S COMPANY Spinoff Idea "Very Sweet," but...
"To be honest, there are probably actors who are much better," Ritter said of the spinoff where he would play the son of Jack and Chrissy. "It sounds weird, it sounds like I'm not telling the truth, but I think there would be actors better suited to do that, who are funnier and better. I would feel like I was just getting the part for a stupid reason."

LOW WINTER SUN Star James Ransone: ‘It Wasn’t a Good Show’
“It wasn’t a good show,” Ransone told TheWrap. “I had higher expectations going in. They can’t all be winners.”


  1. I will be happy if AMC fans actually get a formal announcement.

  2. The only reason I went to Hulu....AMC! I suggest OWN pick up AMC and increase their numbers. Own could pull in a lot of viewers......I would probably watch OWN more if Pine Valley residents were on that network. This is just not right.....after 40 years.......