Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Christel Khalil Settles Lawsuit With Talent Agency

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Emmy winner Christel Khalil filed a lawsuit in August against her own talent agency for allegedly being so neglectful that they sent her on an audition for the very show on which she was already working. Mavrick Artists Agency responded that the accusations were ridiculous and without merit.

Khalil had also accused her now-former agency of withholding her money beyond their standard 10 percent agreement. Mavrick said she just didn’t want to pay her fees.

The case has now been settled.

“The Parties are pleased to confirm that they have resolved all of their claims against each other, they wish each other success in their future endeavors, and the action has been dismissed with prejudice,” attorneys for Khalil told TheWrap.

The defense concurred, though no details of the settlement were released.

Both sides are reportedly "a combination of happy and not happy by the nature of the settlement."

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