Friday, September 13, 2013

NEWS: Eric Braeden on Gun Control; ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Distributor Doesn't Have Access To Viewer Numbers; Alicia Minshew Joins BEACON HILL

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Eric Braeden on Gun Control: "The More Guns That Are Available, the More Tragedies Will Happen"
"My view of guns is very simple. The more guns that are available, the more tragedies will happen. Period. Out. Gone. I know I’m going to hang a lot of people now, but I have to say what I truly believe. I’m very old fashioned that way. If you have disputes, use your fists. Don’t teach kids in school not to fight. That’s all normal. If I were in charge, I’d say to the teacher, 'When you see a bully beat up a smaller boy, tell the bully that you’ll get another boy for him who’s just as strong.' Let the two of them fight it out. Don’t let the bully take it out on the smaller guy. That’s not nice."

"This entire notion of violence being expressed through the barrel of a gun is so unmanly. It is so cowardly, I think."

Eric Braeden radio interview scheduled for Friday morning
Braeden will talk with Geraldo Rivera on Friday at 8:20 a.m. ET on WABC Radio.

ALL MY CHILDREN and TAINTED DREAMS star Alicia Minshew joins upcoming web series BEACON HILL
Minshew will play reporter Sara Preston. Sara reluctantly returns home to find her family more broken than when she left. Suddenly face-to-face with the family and lover she left behind, Sara is forced to come to terms with the consequences of past decisions.

MTV Greenlights 2 Drama Pilots: Coming-Of-Age FINDING CARTER and Thriller EYE CANDY
FINDING CARTER is described as an unconventional family drama about a girl realizing that sometimes the people closest to you are the ones who have the most to hide. It centers on teenage Carter, who has the perfect life with her fun-loving single mom Lori until a police bust at a high school party reveals that Lori abducted her as a toddler. Now Carter must return to the family who thought they had lost her.

EYE CANDY centers on tech genius Lindy, who is persuaded by her roommate to begin online dating and begins to suspect that one of her mysterious suitors might be a deadly cyber stalker. When her friends at the elusive cyber-police uncover a potential serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to one of Lindy’s dates. Teaming up with this band of hackers, Lindy works to solve the murders while unleashing her own style of justice on the streets of New York City.

Barbara Windsor: 'EASTENDERS made big mistake in killing off Fat Pat'
The Albert Square veteran, who is set to return for a guest appearance as Peggy Mitchell, claims getting rid of her pal last year was a big mistake.

Windsor blasted: “I think that Pat is sorely missed from the show and it was a bad choice to kill her off. Sorry if I offend the people who made that ­decision but that’s how I feel.”

Bravo Announces New Social Series THE PEOPLE'S COUCH
Based on the successful UK show GOGGLEBOX, THE PEOPLE'S COUCH will turn the cameras on households in America as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp and scream at their TVs. Whether it's a group of sorority sisters doing their nails or grandparents watching with their technology-obsessed grandchildren, each group will bring their hilarious, unique commentary about TV's hottest moments to the small screen.

CW Developing Drama About Transgender Teenager
Written by Brooklyn-based writer-playwright Kyle Jarrow and executive produced by Michael London (Milk), ZE is described as a raw, quirky family drama about a FTM (female-to-male) teen and his family. A personal choice takes on controversial public significance when a Texas teenager announces she is transgender and will be living life as a boy. As his dysfunctional family spirals into identity crises of their own, he discovers that he might be the most well-adjusted of them all.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK audience is a mystery even to distributor
The precise size of its audience remains cloaked in mystery -- even to the show's distributor, Lionsgate. Although Netflix disclosed, during a recent earnings call, that ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK drew more viewers in its first week than its Emmy-nominated series HOUSE OF CARDS, it withheld viewership numbers.

"We don't have access to that," James Packer, Lionsgate president of worldwide televsion and digital distribution, said in an appearance at Broadcasting & Cable's Next TV Summit in San Francisco.

Stockard Channing, Dreama Walker, Miriam Shor returning to THE GOOD WIFE
Channing is set to reprise her role as Alicia's mother, Veronica, in the second episode of Season 5. She is just one of several familiar faces returning in the Oct. 6 episode. John Benjamin Hickey will return as Chumhum's fearless leader Neil Gross, GCB's Miriam Shor will pop up again as journalist Mandy Post, and Dreama Walker will come back for the first time since Season 2.

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