Thursday, September 12, 2013

NEWS: B&B To Recast Role; Plus, Florence Lozano, Melissa Fumero, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Easton, Maitland Ward, Michael Le Vell

Why Broadcast TV Lost Its Edge After NYPD BLUE
“I suppose I was naive,” producer Steven Bochco says. “I thought NYPD BLUE would open a door to more adult, mainstream programming.” Yet the series remains an exception, and broadcast standards didn't appreciably change.

“It’s disappointing (that) it influenced cable more than broadcast,” Bochco adds, while deriving some satisfaction from the fact the forces that railed against the show “lost the battle, because cable television is television.”

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL recasting the role of Karen Spencer
B&B has released a casting notice for Karen Spencer, meaning that they're looking to replace portrayer Joanna Johnson. The actress is also a producer, and as her ABC Family series THE FOSTERS has been picked up for additional episodes, it's likely she was unable to juggle both duties as the notice lists Karen as a recurring role with a possible contract.

The show is also lowering the age on the casting notice for Thorne's daughter Alexandra from 19-21 down to 17-19, making her more of a teen.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Florence Lozano joins "The Heirs of Tantalus: From the House of Atreus to the Palace of Nero"
Lozano joins Gregory Peck's grandson Ethan Peck, OBIE-award winner Steven Rattazzi, soprano Jessica Gould, countertenor José Lemos, Grammy-nominated harpsichordist Jory Vinikour, and members of The Sebastians Chamber Orchestra to open the fifth season of Salon/Sanctuary Concerts with an expanded run of the critically acclaimed "The Heirs of Tantalus: From the House of Atreus to the Palace of Nero."

The show will take place at the Broad Street Ballroom on September 19 and September 21.

Erinn Westbrook joins GLEE
Westbrook has been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming fifth season. She will play Bree, a new student and member of the Cheerios, a mean girl who’s going to shake things up.

Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress Melissa Fumero leaves the drama behind for some laughs on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE
“I was on a New Jersey Transit bus back to my parents’ house when I got a call (about booking ONE LIFE TO LIVE),” she says. “I really wanted to scream, but all I could do was whisper.”

Now, she’s excited about BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — which actually shoots in Los Angeles — because she gets to star alongside another Latina detective played by Stephanie Beatriz.

“We were like, dude, when does this happen?” Fumero said about their casting. “Stephanie pointed out that we’re not doing anything spicy. No one has an accent.”

Instead, Fumero hopes TV viewers judge them on what really counts — the comedy.

Baby on the way for GENERAL HOSPITAL's Michael Easton
Easton (Silas) was recently photographed out and about with his very pregnant wife, Ginevra, and their daughter, Lilah, who was born on April 15, 2011.

Maitland Ward reflects on the beginning of her acting career
"I met Christy Dooley who is a casting director at THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. She asked me to audition for a new part that was coming up on the show. She was impressed I had signed up for a class like that one. I auditioned for the role. It was my second audition and I ended up getting the role, so I kinda got swept up into it. It has been a great experience!"

CORONATION STREET actor Michael Le Vell cleared of sex charges
A British jury has cleared Michael Le Vell, a longtime star of the British soap opera "Coronation Street," of child sex abuse charges. The 48-year-old actor was found not guilty Tuesday of 12 offenses, including five counts of rape.


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