Monday, August 19, 2013

WATCH: Michelle's Date From Hell on THE STAFFORD PROJECT

Michelle narrowly averts being struck by a guitar on the latest episode
The second episode of Michelle Stafford's new web series, THE STAFFORD PROJECT, is now streaming. Michelle goes on a blind date with a guitar-playing wannabe singer named Duane (Eric Matheny). At this point she's pretty desperate but this guy is even worse than you might expect, and this is a comedy series. The date is not very successful (of course) but it is full of funny moments including Michelle's head having to dodge the waving guitar, and a humiliating serenade in the middle of the restaurant.

Watch Episode 2 ("You Got Your Amp") of THE STAFFORD PROJECT below:


  1. I LAUGHED Hysterically!

  2. That guy was really dumb, he's got a beautiful woman on his arm and all he thought about was himself..just like a whew overwhelming ,i was feeling sorry for Michelle and squirming and sweating with her being so uncomforable with that "song".Cute and fun!Good job Michelle!Still missing you on Y&R everyday! But love THIS new project in your life.huge fan of YNR now watching The Stafford Michelle. Good Luck, i really liked it! :) ( Sher) PS: your daughters' beautiful like her momma ,looks like [email protected]