Monday, August 12, 2013

Rebecca Budig Plays a 'Mean Mom' in 'Bad Parents' Movie, Out on DVD & VOD August 13th

Are you the soccer mom or dad that screams at all the games? The parent that watches every move your child makes as well as every move every other child makes? Caytha Jentis's film, Bad Parents, is a satirical comedy inspired by her own experiences in North Jersey about the over-zealous parents on an Under 8 girls club soccer team. It takes a poke at the world of over-obsessed parents in soccer, though the theme is so universal that any parent of a child athlete may realize, "I'm That Parent!"

Bad Parents has been premiering throughout the country and will have its Home Entertainment Release on August 13th. On that date it will be available on DVD on Amazon and at Target stores nationwide and will be on Video on Demand through iTunes, Redbox and your local cable provider.

The movie features a well-known cast. Janeane Garofalo stars as the the suburban every-mom who signs her seven-year-old daughter up for club soccer. Christopher Titus plays Coach Nick, who helms this young 'dream team' and is worshiped by all. Cheri Oteri, plays the perky, former cheerleader, know-it-all mom.

Cheri's frenemy "mean mom" Allison is played wonderfully by Rebecca Budig. Fans will recognize her from Daytime TV as Greenlee in ALL MY CHILDREN, Michelle on GUIDING LIGHT, as well as other television and film roles. Michael Boatman (THE GOOD WIFE, GOSSIP GIRL) plays Gary the Assistant Coach, a perpetual outsider longing for his moment of acceptance from everyone including his ever-disapproving wife, Tracy, played by Kristen Johnston. Reiko Aylesworth plays Laurie the social climbing divorcee. Bill Sage (American Psycho, Boardwalk Empire) plays Dan, the college scholarship obsessed husband. Ben Bailey plays soccer parent Graham. Real Housewives of NEW JERSEY's Jacqueline Laurita also makes a cameo appearance in the movie.

Writer/Director/Producer Caytha Jentis, with insider authenticity and specificity, shares the absurd yet very real world of the dark side of youth sports with humor and heart.

Bad Parents, based on her award-winning play, "It,s All About the Kids," is the fourth produced feature film written by Caytha Jentis, and her second outing as director.

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