Monday, July 22, 2013

Ryan Murphy Addresses GLEE's Plans For Cory Monteith's Finn Hudson Character

GLEE co-creator Ryan Murphy spoke for the first time on Friday about Cory Monteith's passing and how it will impact the show.

"We had several options," Murphy said. "We could delay shooting until November, we could delay shooting until January. But, ultimately, what we decided to do for the cast and crew was start shooting with something that we had already written. We had written two Beatles episodes in May and had been working on that tribute for four years. We just decided that it would probably be the best for everybody to get back together and be working and have grief counselors on set for two weeks, which we’re going to do. But, ultimately, we made no decisions without consulting Lea [Michele]."

As Fox announced Friday, GLEE's fifth-season premiere date has been pushed back a week. The season will now bow September 26, with production set to begin in August rather than late July.

"We're going to go on the air with two episodes and right now we’re writing the third episode, which deals with Finn’s death – which, you can imagine, is a very difficult episode to write. [It] has to be done very carefully and with a lot of taste and really making sure that it’s a tribute to Cory. Then, who knows? Maybe we’ll wait to shoot that. We really have to see how everybody feels… We’re going to take a long writers’ hiatus after that episode to reconfigure the season and continue to take care of the cast and crew and work on setting things up in Cory’s honor – scholarships, what have you – because that’s something we’re dedicated to doing."

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