DAYS OF OUR LIVES Casting Contract Role of "Seth" & Seeking "Name Actor Only"

DAYS OF OUR LIVES is casting two new roles. The show is seeking a daytime or prime-time "name actor only" to start shooting in mid-August for the contract role of Seth, who is described as a 45-55 gorgeous male.

DAYS is looking for an actor that also meets these qualifications: "All ethnicities. Seth is an outgoing, charismatic extremely handsome man. He is charming and funny but is also opinionated at times, He is very sure of himself which sometimes can be mistaken as arrogance…. The one real chink in his armor is his young son. He is fiercely protective of him. There is some mystery as to their past and he could very well have a darker to his personality when backed into a corner."

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  1. My Name is michael I Am handicap. Im from Montreal. Could i audition for seth please