Sunday, June 16, 2013

READER POLL: Indie Series of the Week (June 9-15, 2013)

CLUTCH won our indie poll last week but which web series was your favorite this week? Support your favorite show by voting in the We Love Soaps Indie Series of the Week poll below. You can also cast a vote for your favorite actor, actress and web series couple. Voting ends Tuesday at 9 a.m. ET. Scroll down and click "Done" to cast your vote.

Web series that aired one or more new episodes from June 9-15, 2013 are eligible. If an indie soap aired this week and is not on the list, cast your vote as "Other" and add a note in the Comments section below.

Watch this week's indie soaps below:
- ANONYMOUS Episode 5
- BLOOMERS Season 2 Episode 7 "On Thin Ice"
- CONVERSATIONS W/ MY EX Episode 7 "Letting Go"
- ENTANGLED WITH YOU Episode 4 "Got 'Til It's Gone"
- ESCAPING SINGLE Episode 2 "And I Wake Up Alone"
- THE FALL Episode 5 "Therapy"
- THE INN Season 2 Episode 2
- LSB Episode 12
- THE LYONS DEN Season 3 Episode 25 (season finale)
- THE ROMANTICS Season 2 Episode 3 "Skittles"
- THIS IS WHY Episode 6 (season finale)
- WHERE THE BEARS ARE Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 (season premiere)
- WRECKED Season 2 Episode 5 "Kitchen Sin"
- YOUNG TALENT Episode 3 "The Sound & The Fury"

- EXCLUSIVE: Colleen Zenk Traverses Stage and Screen in Two New Roles
- ISA4: Michael Caruso Wins Best Writing (Drama)
- ISA4: Brad Bell Wins Best Actor (Comedy)
- INTERVIEW: Steve Silverman Previews The Hot as Hell Web Series Festival
- Traci Lords & Sean Maher Join The Cast of Logo Acquired Web Series EASTSIDERS
- WATCH: THE INN Season 2 Teaser


  1. You know, those wild & crazy bears returned for Season 2 this week with the release of two episodes!

  2. I urge everyone to check out The Romantics if you haven't seen it before. Top quality stuff done in true indie style with a ZERO budget.