Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Samantha Logan Joins GENERAL HOSPITAL

Soaps In Depth is reporting that 666 PARK AVENUE star Samantha Logan has joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Taylor DuBois, Felix's younger sister. She will be added to the high school storyline that features Rafe, Molly and TJ.

"Not everything can be a triangle, so there will be another girl thrown into the mix," reveals headwriter Ron Carlivati.

Logan will debut June 4 on GH.

Aside from her role as Nona Clark in 666 PARK AVENUE, Logan has made guest appearances on GOSSIP GIRL and LAW & ORDER: SVU.


  1. She's pretty. For TJ or Rafe?

  2. From the moment Rafe entered the scene, I knew TPTB would put him with Molly. And since the last GH clip I saw was of a mopey TJ complaining to Felix that his girlfriend dumped him, I'm guessing that this young lady will be paired with TJ.

  3. Get ready for the new Brenda!