Monday, April 15, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? The Suspects

Before Monday night's second season finale of DALLAS is over, viewers will find out who killed J.R. Ewing. Below is a list of possible suspects.

Cliff Barnes
Cliff was J.R. biggest enemy, but why would he be in Nuevo Laredo doing his own dirty work? Plus, he would rather torment J.R. than kill him, right? But if J.R. was close to uncovering a secret about Cliff's sister, Pam, Cliff might have been forced to make the trip and off his rival.

Harris Ryland
J.R was trying to get information on Ryland which could give him a motive. Also, Ryland trucks have been taking knockoff designer shoes across the border so perhaps J.R. stumbled upon something there. But just like with Cliff, Ryland would have hired someone to kill J.R. instead of doing it himself.

Carlos Del Sol
Is there any chance Del Sol was in cahoots with Cliff/Harris and not the helpful friend to J.R. he was thought to be?

Pamela Barnes Ewing
There's been a lot of talk about "Christopher's mother" and there was even a picture of a woman who might have been Pam on last week's episodes. TNT insists the original pam, Victoria Principal, is not returning to the show. But would they recast?  As much as she hated J.R., Pam wasn't the murdering type, but she could have been provoked.

Kristin Shepard
Some speculated shortly after J.R's funeral that Kristin might still be alive since the show hadn't specifically mentioned Pam as "Christopher's mother". But in recent episodes that has changed. Does anyone still think this is an option?

Katherine Wentworth
When DALLAS revisited Rebecca Wentworth's (Cliff, Pam and Katherine's mother) will, it was revealed Katherine had died. But since she's been mentioned, and hated J.R., it's always possible he ran into her while searching for Pam. Any chance she has been impersonating Pam and collecting the money that has been going to "Patricia Barrett"in Zurich?  It was odd Katherine left so much to Cliff since they weren't that close.

Drew Ramos
Drew has always had a chip on his shoulder over the fact that the Ewings bought his father's land. I don't see him as a very likely option though.

Carmen Ramos
Is there any chance Carmen was being blackmailed by Cliff and/or Harris with some information which forced her to kill J.R.? Doubtful.

Pamela Rebecca Barnes
John Ross just married Pamela so it's the perfect time to find out she killed his father. Did she do it for Cliff?  Is she the one who is secretly collecting the "Patricia Barrett" money?

Afton Cooper/Mandy Winger/Callie Ewing
Any of J.R.'s past loves could have a reason to kill him, and these three have appeared on DALLAS this season.

J.R. Ewing
Did J.R. do himself in? I hope not but his "Master Plan" has to be going somewhere. Was the gun John Ross was given by Bum from J.R. "in case of his death" the actual gun that killed him? What if J.R. found out he was dying, set up his own death, and sent the gun back to his family so they could frame Cliff or Harris for the crime?  Perhaps Bum helped him do it.

Will the resolution of this story be the big payoff fans deserve? Tell us how you think killed J.R. below. Is it one of these suspects or someone else?

Photo: TNT


  1. Pam would be perfect if Victoria Principal were returning.

  2. Spoiler alert.....Hey it is Kristen (Mary Crosby), they have been too tight lipped about her, and she is supposed to be "dead", she will re-appear, and proclaim, "I have finished the job, I started 33 years ago!"....Besides, that will throw everything in a tailspin and be a catalyst for next season!

  3. Kristin is dead, she was found floating in the pool ...

  4. PLEASE oh PUHLEEEEZE let it be Valene!! I want some Morgan Fairchild!

  5. Who shot JR is not the person we thought and I thought that it was amazing you guessed it. I didn’t see that one coming at all and I was really surprised that the show mentioned Larry Hagman’s actual cause of death. Then again, as I was telling my co-worker in my office at DISH, it’s only appropriate that JR goes out the way he wants. His scheme was brilliant and it came together beautifully, even though there were so many moving parts. This show is doing an impeccable job of keeping my interest and I sincerely hope that there will be a third season. If TNT does renew the show, I’ll be prepared with DISH Anywhere. It allows me to turn my iPad into a TV anytime, anywhere and I can catch up on what I’ve missed.