Thursday, September 13, 2018

We Love Soaps Interview Archive: Eileen Fulton (October 2011)

Legendary As the World Turns actress Eileen Fulton turns 85 today. Back in October 2011, We Love Soaps spoke with Ms. Fulton in a three-part interview about her career in conjunction with the release of the first Soap Classics DVD collections. Read the interview below:

Part 1 - Ms. Fulton shared a spooky Douglas Marland story, and her thoughts on some of the episodes on the As the World Turns Classics DVD including Bob and Kim's 1985 wedding. "These weddings were shot mostly in the studio, and it took forever to film them!"

Part 2 - Ms. Fulton shared some of the ups and downs from her run including the writing regime of Stephen Black and Henry Stern. "I called them Black and Decker," Fulton joked. "Or Frick and Frack."

Part 3 - Ms. Fulton shared her thoughts on the ending for Lisa on As the World Turns. "Leaving Lisa standing alone in the hotel was disgusting," she said. "That was their 'Up yours!' to Lisa."


  1. Happy Birthday, Dear Eileen. We Love You!

    Brian :-)

  2. Loved this interview when I first read it - and it's great to read it again! Eileen Fulton is an absolute beloved treasure. Happy Birthday, Eileen!!

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