Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WATCH: EASTENDERS Inserts Olympics Update Into Tuesday's Episode

On the Tuesday night episode of EASTENDERS, the soap referenced the success of Team Great Britain so far in the London 2012 Olympic games.

In a scene that was filmed earlier in the day on Tuesday, Jean, Tyler and Ray discussed how well Team GB is doing, and how proud they felt living in London.

Watch the episode below:

“Following EASTENDERS involvement with the Olympic Torch Relay we are delighted to have the opportunity to reflect the current sentiment of the entire country," said executive producer Lorraine Newman. Team GB have made so many people truly proud to be British and we wish them continued success.”

The scene was inserted into the 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night episode on BBC Two.

This isn’t the first time scenes have been added to EASTENDERS. Previous examples include Michael Jackson’s death, Obama’s Presidency and the 2010 Elections.

Elsewhere on the show, Letitia Dean returns next week as Sharon Watts. Watch a promo below:

Lorraine Newman

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  1. Speaking of EastEnders and inserts -- did anyone notice that there was a definite nod to EastEnders during NBC's Olympics Opening Ceremony broadcast?

    It was in one of the video segments -- and as the camera was speeding down the river, they suddenly went up in the sky to give us an overhead view of London that duplicated the very recognizeable shot used in the main titles of EastEnders. They even paused a bit and played those very distinctive "musical beats" used by the show to let us know we're "now over Walford" before continuing.

    In the rebroadcast of the ceremony at NBC's website, it starts around the 17:45 minute mark.


    You can also watch just that part on youtube, only it looks like someone recorded it from there TV screen with their cell phone. lol!


    Anyway, I think it's pretty cool they did this! ;-)