Friday, July 13, 2012

DALLAS GIVEAWAY: Win Free Mini-Book of 'DALLAS Quickies' with 397 Episodes in 140 Characters!

It's Friday - Time to win a DALLAS Quickies book!

To celebrate the success of TNT's DALLAS, and mark the seventh month of The Year of the Soap, we're giving away a unique (and informative) piece of official memorabilia: JR Ewing's "little black book." You can't buy it in a store. The book is entitled DALLAS Quickies, and it's a ton of fun.

With all 397 episodes of the first 14 seasons summarized in standard Twitter format, the book is a real hoot (and perhaps even a useful reference guide) for long-term fans, but it also offers fascinating intel for us newbies. With hilarious use of hashtags and religious adherence to the 140-character limit, this collectors item is a big hit at our DALLAS viewing parties.

And on top of all that, the book is rumored to hold secrets of its own...

Compose your own tweet for one of the episodes of the current season of DALLAS!
- Try to sum-up the entire episode.
- Try to "tweet" as if you were one of the characters (but it doesn't have to be JR)
- 140 characters, maximum.
- Send to [email protected]

Here are the official tweets, to give you a sense of how it's done:

#DallasQuickie: S1E5 John Ross is the boss, doesn't go great. Loophole in the Southfork contract. Rebecca is preggers! #Ewingontheway

#DallasQuickie: S1E4 Bobby & Christopher can’t trust a soul. Rebecca confesses. JR’s behind #Southfork deal. John Ross caught. #SexTape

#DallasQuickie: S1E3 John Ross fails at the blackmail game. JR shuts down Lobell, cuts John Ross out of deal. JR #FTW. Goodbye Southfork?

#DallasQuickie: S1E2 Bullets can’t hurt JR. Barnes brings brimstone and crazy to Southfork. Rebecca sent the email! #DevilinDisguise

#DallasQuickie: S1E1 John Ross & JR scheme for #Southfork. John Ross is a chip off the old block. Marta isn’t Marta after all. Trust no one!

Our favorite tweets will be published on We Love Soaps, and the author will receive a copy of DALLAS Quickies. In addition, all submissions will be entered into a random drawing for a second "quickie book". Two winners!  Because who doesn't love a quickie?

Giveaway contest ends midnight tonight. Winners will be announced Monday. Good luck!

The fun gifs (as well as the prize books) are from our partner, DALLAS.  Please feel free to share!

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