Monday, June 18, 2012

RED CARPET INTERVIEW: Maria Arena Bell at the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards

WE LOVE SOAPS TV caught up with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS executive producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell on the red carpet of last night's 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards. We talked about the pressures of running a daytime soap opera, what might happen to Daisy on Y&R, and appearing in Francophrenia.

Watch our interview below in WE LOVE SOAPS TV Episode 3.53.

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  1. Seriously?! She thinks her writing team is the best?! Can someone pass me a barf bag already!?

  2. No, Maria, your show doesn't reflect talent, enthusiasm nor passion. Your show reflects we we in the theater might call 'phoning it in'. And no, anyone who loves and remember what this show used to be, is mostly revolted...having fun is not what I'd call we fans are forced to endure with the current incarnation of Y&R.
    Not to mention the fact that every writer faces a blank page but it is your aim (and if you're self respecting, your duty) to fill the page with poignant and entertainment drama that is satisfying and worthy of your actors, your audience and your show's history...not to mention that you and your team are paid mightily for it.

    Kudos to Roger for being professional and trying to gently introduce the questions that I'm sure many people have wanted to ask. Although some of us probably couldn't execute that level of restraint with MAB's saccharine responses. The woman appears to be delusional, given her answers.

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  4. Honestly!?!?!? Is she for real?

    Maria, NO ONE enjoys this show. At least the viewers don't. Does this woman live in bubble where she isn't realizing what's going on?
    Y&R has lost the respect and love of fans and critics. How can she be so hypocritical standing there and acting like she's the queen of daytime?
    This just pisses me off. I'm sorry ... but I used to love this show and Maria ruined so much.

    The new characters she brought in are mostly dreadful. I don't know if anyone told her but not many care for Genevieve and all these other one note characters that she just created to have another former big ABC soap star on her pay roll.
    Then she completely destroys the character of Sharon and overexposes other characters.
    A great writing team??? Well honey you're dreaming. Bill Bell would be ashamed and so should his son - her husband, because she is destroying this show!

    I have give kudos to Roger too. I don't think this was easy. Specially with her arrogance. She really is delusional and even though Roger did the right thing, I really would like to see an interviewer call her out on every single thing that goes wrong in this show. Well that would be a very long interview... -.-

  5. You ALL have to read "The Young and Restless Life of William J. Bell"authored by Michael Maloney with Lee Phillip Bell, to understand Soaps and how they should be written and what Mr. Bell wanted!