Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Eric Braeden opened up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT this week about his 32 years on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Victor Newman. Watch his interview below which includes a clip of Alec Baldwin talking about being a fan.


  1. Thanks for putting it up, Roger. :)

    I do have to say, at this point you might just hate Victor Newman. And many might say that Mr. Braeden's ego is sometimes too big for the sake of the show. But I'll give that - he is a legend.

    His character didn't turn out the way in resent years like I wish he had, but Victor had his big years and was very important to Y&R.

  2. We have done bits on the street here in New York and I've talked to soap fans all over the country (not necessarily those online) and when they talk about Y&R, the first thing most say is "Victor Newman." Most don't even know the actor's name but they know Victor. It happened again on Sunday out in LA at the hotel were the Creative Emmys were being held. I went to the bar downstairs and this group of ladies came over to me and asked, "Is Victor Newman upstairs?"