Friday, March 16, 2012

Daytime Divas Talk Indie Soap Awards: Colleen Zenk, Mary Beth Evans & Ilene Kristen

The 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards are airing on The SFN ( on Sunday, March 18 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Viewing parties are being planned around the country including here in New York City. Longtime AS THE WORLD TURNS star Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan) kicked off and closed this year's ceremony, which also included an appearance by THE BAY and PRETTY crossover star Mary Beth Evans (currently back as Kayla on DAYS OF OUR LIVES). ONE LIFE TO LIVE fan favorite Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom) was nominated for her appearance on THE BAY ("Far From The Bay"). See what all three of them had to say about this year's ISAs below;

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: How does it feel to be on stage [at "Marrying George Clooney"] after opening and closing this year's Indie Soap Awards?
Colleen Zenk: I had so much fun at the Indie Soap Awards!  Not only because it was fun being in front of a supportive crowd.  But it was so interesting being a part of an award show where I didn’t know all the other shows and a lot of the nominees.  But there was so much love in the room.  When you do shows out of passion, and not the paycheck, you get a very different vibe from people.  They were all just so happy to be involved and to do it.  It’s all about the creative process whether you are a writer, producer, or actor, I was so thrilled to be there.  Thank you for the bubbles.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Is it true that you and Genie help open the awards show? And I heard something about a kiss? Do you remember anything like that?
Mary Beth Evans: Yes. Do I remember that! Yes. It's going to air on the web, isn't it?

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: It's part of the broadcast of the show that's going to air on The SFN on March 18th.
Mary Beth Evans: How fun!

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: It really looked like you surprised Genie, there.
Mary Beth Evans: She's funny. [She laughs.] No, she knew. We were—we were improv-ing, you know.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: What did you think?
Ilene Kristen: I thought it was pretty great, especially those bubbles at the end.  And they came out so fast, the bubbles, it was so beautiful I didn't get my camera out in time to get them.  It was really stunning.

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