Saturday, March 24, 2012

PREVIEW: Sunday's Night's ARMY WIVES Guest Starring Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci continues her guest starring run in Lifetime's ARMY WIVES on Sunday, March 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

In "True Colors," Roxy is presented with an opportunity to be more involved in the Army. Tension escalates between Claudia Joy and Jackie, leaving Denise in the middle. Joan feels the pressure when General Clarke chastises her for not combining the bases quickly enough. The Clarkes officially become a part of Fort Marshall.

Watch a preview below:

Lucci recently described her character to the Los Angeles Times: "Her name is Audrey Whitaker, and she's the wife of a two-star general and also the daughter of a two-star general, which means she grew up around the military and feels there's a lot of politics involved, some of which forced her husband into an early retirement. My character came on as a way for Claudia Joy, Kim's character, to sort things out because there's another couple who's introduced, Jackie and Kevin Clark, and Kevin Clark is vying for the same position as Claudia Joy's husband."

She also previewed her character in Marc Cherry's DEVIOUS MAIDS pilot which was just shot this week: "Her name is Genevieve Delacourt, and I love the name. The character breakdown is this: She spent her life attracting one powerful man after the next but now in her 50s she has been reduced to having affairs with the pool boy and not feeling very sexy anymore, and it's driving her nuts. She is a woman who lives in a beautiful Beverly Hills home and has two maids working for her. I'm one of the households with the wonderful maids. Unlike Erica, she's somebody who tries to get people to do things for her, whereas Erica was much more do-it-herself. It's just very juicy, the script, and very fun."

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