Saturday, March 17, 2012

REVIEW: With Big Pussy, Sebastian Bach, Dr. Lisa (GH) & More, ADULTS ONLY Has Something for Everyone


What it is: Neighborhoody Boston shop peddles adult films & risque novelties, shelters colorful help & maybe-mafioso proprietorship, provides solid customer service and new leases on life.

What's good: Favorites from disparate fan bases mix it up; eclectic ensemble has chemistry. Danny Nucci's connoisseur character is earnest and almost endearing (he was on FALCON CREST? Who knew?). Plus: who doesn't love PG porn puns?

What's great: Vincent Pastore (yeah, the guy that played Big Pussy in THE SOPRANOS) keeps on doing what he does best ("large Italian businessman") while Brianna Brown goes against type as a sweet, helpful, down-to-earth waitress; both get a good chunk of screen time the first three episodes, and I'm 100% invested in their characters already.

Although, at times, I want to--it's pretty much impossible to stop watching Ronnie Marmo's 'Crotch' as he walks the line between enthusiastic and obnoxious. An upgrade from his GENERAL HOSPITAL character, I think. Can't wait for Brian Austin Green and Sebastian Bach to join in the hi-jinks.

What could be better: So far, it's more quirky-funny than laugh-out-loud funny. Banal locations (diner, store, office) all the more reason to get creative with the direction. Characters and situations aren't terribly creative or challenging. So much talent, let's put it to use! Of course, they're just getting started...

Addictive like: You guessed it: Adult movies.

Grade: B (with a clear path to greatness).

Review based on: Season 1, Episodes 1-3.

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- Official Website (no video).
- Watch ADULTS ONLY at Plymouth Rock Creative on YouTube.

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