RESULTS: Daytime Soap & Favorite Couple of the Week Poll (October 17-21, 2011) - ONE LIFE TO LIVE/Jason & Sam No. 1

Here are the results from the WE LOVE SOAPS TV Daytime poll for the week of October 17-21, 2011. We asked you what your favorite daytime soap opera was as well as your favorite couple. ONE LIFE TO LIVE remained in the top spot among the serials.

In our inaugural couples poll, Jason and Sam from GENERAL HOSPITAL landed at No. 1.

3. Jack & Jennifer, DAYS OF OUR LIVES
4. Patrick & Robin, GENERAL HOSPITAL
5. John & Marlena, DAYS OF OUR LIVES

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  1. Well everytime I vote it won't take it. So who cares if Jason and Sam take down the almight GH to extinction. ME!!!!!

  2. Days was by far much better then OLTL...please Ron C. couldn't write a good soapy story if his life depended on it! He writes nothing but rehash, changes history of characters and a shock value standpoint with nothing but plot dribble. Kim, Stacy, Mitch, now returning was the same storylines when OLTL dived in the ratings the first time around and blamed it on the gay story of Fish. I stopped watching because its worthless garbage airing right now. I won't go to the online version and support PP if they are now giving him a producer and head writer status for this crap. It's the same bs Frons is shelving at viewers. I'm pissed because AMC is languished in the background to OLTL and Agnes and Lorraine on board, it will be far superior. PP has totally ignored AMC fans to focus on OLTL. I know I have heard it before that soaps fans need to unite to save this genre but I'm not going to support something that is not my type of entertainment. My loyalty to soaps died with GL & ATWT and I fought hard for those soaps. I have no loyalty to ABC's soaps except AMC. Days IMO is going in the right direction and like the "traditional" type of story telling, fans are so impatient some of the other boards are saying DOOL is boring, the pacing etc. I think the reboot is about right on pacing and it will pick up. Just because you can't have guns blazing, people using HIV as a weapon, people getting away with rape, rapmance, doppleganger to name a few stories going on now soaps. Now soaps are socially irresponsible just for shock value. OLTL is so over rated.

  3. Love Jack & Jennifer bk together bk w his true love Jennifer, & Daniel w Nicole this wk on dool, love Jack bk on dool love Jack be the father Paige. This wk