Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ALL MY CHILDREN's Michael E. Knight Says "Goodbye to My Soap Star Life"

Michael E. Knight, who has played Tad Martin on ALL MY CHILDREN for nearly 30 years, wrote about the show coming to an end for The Daily Beast—and why he’s at peace about it.

"I hope the good men and women of Prospect Park strive to understand and respect the tastes, the sensibilities, and the incredible commitment of the shows’ fans," Knight said. "Obviously all things must change and adapt to survive. But change without some awareness of where we’ve been, and why, will be pointless."

He also credited show creator Agnes Nixon as a master storyteller.

"Along the way, Agnes helped found an entirely new industry behind the camera by training and honing the skills of other daytime storytellers like Lorraine Broderick, Hal Corley, Karen Lewis, and Wisner Washam."

Read Knight's "Goodbye to My Soap Star Life" here.

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