Thursday, September 8, 2011

EXIT: Elly de Graaf (Rosa Gonzalez) Has Left GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN

Actress Elly de Graaf has left Dutch soap opera GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN. In 2000 she started playing the role of Rosa Gonzalez, the housekeeper of the Sanders family. Now, 11 years later, Rosa has passed away in the arms of her daughter Lorena. The character was never part of the permanent cast, she often only had one or two lines and sometimes you wouldn't see her for weeks. But fans loved her. This became clear when several trending topics on Twitter were related to Rosa. The hashtag #rosa was actually still a trending topic the following morning. The episode was number 1 in the ratings top 25 with 1.620.000 viewers.

Elly on how she started: "I thought it was maybe going to be for three months or something. But then they let me stay for the rest of the season, so that was six months. And after that I got to come back. I got more lines, longer scenes. I didn't expect that when I started."

Elly shares her most memorable moment: "In those 11 years there are a lot of moments that I will never forget. One example is how everyone here cares about each other. During the time that Ludo was presumed dead my own father passed away as well. I buried my father on a Monday and on Wednesday I had to be at the crematorium for the cremation of Ludo. The way everyone was there for me, how they comforted me... The director and other people called me to say that they were going to pull me through it. That was really special for me."

Here are Elly's last scenes on the show:


  1. Hoezo in het engels?? Mensen in het buitenland kijken en kennen geen gtst en mensen die geen nederlands spreken volgen geen gtst omdat ze de taal niet verstaan. Sukkel

  2. op youtube staan zat GTST filmpjes met engelse ondertitels, die ook gewoon gekeken worden in het buitenland..

  3. Sterker nog, deze uitzendingen op Youtube worden nog eens zeer goed bekeken ook. GTST goes international!

  4. Dat komt waarschijnlijk vooral vanwege de naam Rosa Gonzalez, latijns amerikaanser kan je het haast niet krijgen. Vind het wel tof dat je het hier promoot, altijd leuk