Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Favorite Interviews from Season 2 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV

We are gearing up for the third season of our web series, WE LOVE SOAPS TV, lining up more interviews and features than ever. But as we close out our 91 episode second season I wanted to reflect on some of the interviews I did during the year for the show.

I'll never forget (and you don't want to miss!) these moments, showcasing Signy Coleman's passion and compassion; Mimi Torchin's hilarious and insightful candor; Nick Matthews' charisma and wit; Van Hansis' talent and ambition; and Olivia Newton-John's beauty and generosity of spirit.

The cast and crew of the upcoming soap RIVER RIDGE were all very inspiring. From Tyler Ford's vision to Signy Coleman's passion, I left this interview feeling even better about the future of the continuing story format on the web or whatever platforms may exist.

Always a blast, Soap Opera Weekly founder Mimi Torchin spoke her mind on a number of topics at the Save Our Soaps rally at Lincoln Center earlier this year. I never wanted this one to end. Don't hold back, Mimi!

I've known actor Nick Mathews since he appeared on a radio soap that I produced several years ago. He has grown as an actor and is a first class human being, so it was nice to sit down with him for a formal interview. He's currently starring in indie soap IN BETWEEN MEN.

Van Hansis left his mark on AS THE WORLD TURNS earning three Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Luke Snyder. I met with him last November at the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles to talk about his career and his new film, Occupant, and I learned a lot I didn't know.

Last but not least, and it was only just over a minute, speaking with legendary Olivia Newton-John was a real dream come true. Aside from her music, she has done so much in her life to help others. We spoke just before she took the stage on Governor's Island during New York's Gay Pride Weekend.

For more of my interviews and the rest of the WE LOVE SOAPS TV episodes, featuring some tear-jerking moments with Damon L. Jacobs and much more, check out welovesoapstv.com. With actors all over the country, some of our interviews are not part of our web series. You can find a complete list here. Stay tuned as we kick off Season Three with Kim Zimmer and other fan favorites.

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  1. Van Hansis is just perfect, I like that he moved to my town, LA for more opportunities. I wish him to succeed here and get full success, his career will be blooming here! I am sure for that.