Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Telemundo plans to tape 1,100 hours of telenovelas in Miami

About 85% of the 1,300 hours of telenovelas that Hialeah-based Telemundo plans to produce in 2011 will be made in Miami-Dade.

The shows represent a $35 million investment that will employ about 550 people, according to Alfredo Richard, the company's senior vice president for communications and talent development.

Most of those positions are in-house and full-time, though Telemundo ramps up when a project is in production.

"A novela will on average employ about 200 people per project," Mr. Richard said.

"The way they are shot is a combination of exteriors and set production," he added. "Our production schedule is pretty much driven by the location more than the story line."

That means a production team may shoot several scenes for several episodes all within the same day at one location.

All the shows are filmed in high definition, and while he couldn't give an average cost of producing one novella, he said generally it's much lower than US-style television.

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