Friday, May 13, 2011

WATCH: Sam McMurray Guest Stars On The New Episode of THEN WE GOT HELP!

THEN WE GOT HELP! released a wonderful new episode today featuring guest star Sam McMurray. Creator and star Julie Ann Emery offers a preview, "When Gerry brings her Dad to the meetings to interrogate the couples, he manages to offend everyone on the planet.....seriously...Every One. Move over Archie Bunker, Jan is in the house!"

On the front of our favorite gay couple, Emery teases, "Dan is at a meeting with adoption agent Lorraine discussing how the legal adoption is going to go down (prompting a discussion on the issue of Gay Marriage...and Terry's version of who's really married and who isn't). This leaves Eric time to complain about how Dan wants to raise the baby, and reveal why he is 'afraid of babies'."

Sam McMurray (Raising Arizona, FRIENDS, Drop Dead Gorgeous) is playing Gerry's Dad! Emery says his character is "completely offensively hilarious. And I do mean offensive."

"He is willing to make fun of every set and subset on equal opportunity offender," Emery adds. "He is a retired NYPD detective who used to interrogate his kids till they 'wet their pants' to get to the bottom of their problems. I think my favorite thing about him is that he is hardest on the straight white guys...and relates most to Eric's relationship with Dan. We love opposites in character on our show. And Sam is nothing short of brilliant, a true modern day Archie Bunker...with far more cursing of course."

Watch it unfold below.

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