Monday, January 24, 2011

NEWS: SKINS vs PTC, Spencer Grammer, David Essex, Eric Martsolf

H&R Blocks Out MTV's SKINS
A source familiar with the company's ad strategy confirmed that the company had placed some ads in the second airing of the premiere episode of the show, but was no longer doing so, saying the issue was the show's content.

PTC Says GM Won't Buy Spots in SKINS
A day after Taco Bell pulled its ads from skins, which depicts the drug and sex habits of teens, GM responded to concerns from a Parents Television Council member about ads for the Chevy Volt that appears on the show. The group is now targeting other companies that advertised on the first episode of Skins. Those include: Schick Hydro, L'Oreal, Subway, Foot Locker, Orbit chewing gum and Extra chewing gum.

Why MTV should stick up for SKINS
"MTV made its bed. Now it needs to go lie in it -- for the greater good of free speech, television and common sense."

Original SKINS cast member Kaya Scodelario tweets about US version
"Can't believe it was bleeped!That's not what skins is about.And making effy blonde? WTF!but good luck 2 them anyway,not about being a hater."

Spencer Grammer engaged!
"Spencer is so excited to marry her boyfriend, James Hesketh. Rather than a traditional engagement ring, James gave her a claddagh ring (a traditional Irish ring that can be worn as a wedding ring). It's very simple, but very beautiful."

Soap Opera Hit With MASSIVE, 50 Percent Budget SLASH!
Jamey Giddens reported the following: "Numerous sources have confirmed to me that one of the six soaps still on the air was recently felled with a massive, 50 percent cut of its production budget."

Eric Martsolf lands SMALLVILLE role
The actor will play DC Comics superhero Booster Gold in an upcoming episode, titled 'Booster'.

Tina Sloan: Seen 'Black Swan'? Yes, I'm In It!
"I am obviously not someone who is unwilling to do small parts. I was thrilled to do it and work with everyone in that film."

David Essex lands role on EASTENDERS
The "Rock On" hitmaker was due to appear in the long-running London-based series in 2006, but he had to drop out when filming clashed with his music commitments. He's now signed on to play Eddie Moon, the uncle of beloved character Alfie Moon, played by Shane Richie.

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