Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NEWS: Hot Men of ABC Soaps, Trevor Donovan, Michael Park

CSI casts 90210's Trevor Donovan as a sexy Spartan
The episode is titled "Man Up" and is expected to air in early January. The team investigates a seemingly staged online photo of a hooker who has been strangled to death in a dumpster. They're surprised to find that the woman has actually been murdered.

Donovan's character is an actor who plays a Spartan in one of the casino's extravaganzas. The network describes the character as "a handsome beefcake with a great body, a male model."

TV Guide Network picks up docu-soap from Sally Ann Salsano
THE NAIL FILES, created and executive produced by JERSEY SHORE co-creator/executive producer Sally Ann Salsano through her 495 Prods, has been greenlit by TV Guide Network. THE NAIL FILES stars Katie Cazorla, a 32-year-old budding entrepreneur who juggles owning and operating Hollywood’s fast growing celebrity-filled nail salon, The Painted Nail, and her relationship with 52-year-old Grammy-winning music producer Walter Afanasieff.

Review of Michael Park's "Middletown"
"Michael Park, busy as a bee since the demise of AS THE WORLD TURNS, is a gruff, sometimes menacing cop."

Can Soap Operas Make Life Better for Syrian Women?
Associated Press and AFP articles have described the shows as "hugely popular" and "the latest rage in the Arab world." But while the stories dominated conversations during the month of Ramadan, when they first aired, questions remain about the real effects of the dramas on Syrian society.

VIDEO: The Hot Men of ABC Soaps Talk Sex!

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  1. Holy smokes! ABC Daytime's PR department is actually doing its job and getting mainstream publicity!

    I can't think of the last time anyone from OLTL got mainstream publicity for the show like this!!