Wednesday, October 27, 2010

THE BAY: Chapter 2, Webisode 5 Shaughnessy & Andrews Debut!

The latest webisode of THE BAY has been released, the first in the show's second chapter (aka the second television episode). What happened with Igor and his strapped on bomb? Plus, Charles Shaughnessy and Real Andrews debut! Watch the new webisode below.


  1. Enjoyed the episode. I think the introduction of the new characters (Real Andrews & Charles Shaunessy) was a bit awkward. They weren't immediately connected to the other characters. Would have been better if they spun from an encounter w/ the established characters from earlier episodes.

    Spoiler *******************

    Can't exactly picture Brian snuggling up with Igor! It's an interesting bomb to drop but I wish it had come later in the series. Igor is such a creepy character that I would have liked to see him around longer.

    Given how he makes his way into the Garrett-Nelsons' lives, it doesn't augur for a long term life on the show's canvas.

    Finally, the Bay needs to work on its sound design. The sound is hollow.

  2. Love it!!! The mystery is unraveling... Brian's secret is out. Don't know if it's true or a figment of Igor's imagination. Great to see new characters! All we need is more!! ;-)

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  4. The sound in the last scene was still sketchy. Real Andrews looked good. I enjoyed it.