Saturday, September 4, 2010

NEWS: Teschner, Archers, Melodramas With A Message, Roku

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Mark Teschner believes in connecting the past to today
On the cast of Scott Reeves as Steve Webber: "He is the grandson of Dr. Steve Hardy, who was played by the late John Beradino, and I believe that we must always connect the past characters to today's storylines, the viewers deserve the right to have that history respected and played out in the show."

A fresh crop of Archers are giving Ambridge unexpected sex appeal
Its characters may be getting younger and racier but, as the increase in listeners shows, THE ARCHERS has an enduring appeal. The current longest running soap on the air averages around five million listeners.

VIDEO: Melodramas with a message
Mixing social messages with melodrama requires skill from the writers, says Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, an associate professor at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism, who has studied telenovelas for over a decade.

COMMUNITY creator Dan Harmon on soaps/relationships
"And you don’t have to drive your show with a soap opera element because part of our lives aren’t soap operas, but part of our lives are relationships - including mercurial ones and one-night stand ones and weird friends-with-benefit ones that last for years, on-and-off-again ones, ones that are passionate flings that last 3 weeks that we deal with the rest of our lives ones. If you have a wee-wee or a pee-pee, you just can’t escape the fact that some of them end up intertangling."

How Roku Is Changing the Digital Cable Market Place
One of the biggest advantages of Roku set is that it is comparatively less costly than the Xbox, Playstation and other Blu-Ray players. The apple TV player is also twice the cost of the Roku player.

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  1. Yeah, Mr. Teschner, thanks for that bone. We've seen how important the past is to GH with the recent downsizing of Monica (Leslie Charleson) to recurring, the refusal to bring back Genie Francis's Laura, and the decimation of the Quartermaines. Meanwhile, the no-talent Maurice Benard and his no-talent mob just keeps rolling along.