Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NEWS: Maura West, Rebecca Budig, 50 Cent, Julianne Moore

YouTube Adds Live Streaming, Rocketboom Goes Live
It was only a matter of time before YouTube added live streaming. While all eyes are on the horse race between live streaming sites like UStream, Livestream, Justin.tv and Stickam.com, the gorilla that might end up winning the live game is none other than YouTube itself.

50 Cent will not be appearing in EASTENDERS
Any rumors of a cameo appearance have been dismissed by Eastenders bosses who said: "We're flattered he's a fan, but there have been no talks about him appearing in the show."

VIDEO: Julianne Moore Appears in First Ad in HRC Series of New Yorkers for Marriage Equality
The Campaign for New York Marriage, headed by Brian Ellner, has just launched the first in a series of ads intended to lobby public support for the issue. Along with Moore, the ads will feature Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Rev. Al Sharpton Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Whoopi Goldberg, Fran Drescher, Tom Colicchio, and Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe.

ALL MY CHILDREN's Rebecca Budig Wonders: Did Greenlee Kill David?
"She kinda did it to herself. She writes the [suicide] letters and forges David's signature, but that's not all that's pointing to her guilt. Greenlee thinks Ryan [Cameron Mathison] did it because she found a vial of the poison that killed David in Ryan's jacket, but instead of destroying it she leaves it in her glove compartment. How dumb is that? So she gets caught and now people think she killed David. I'm guessing it was Ryan who did it and I bet he gets away with murder."

Canada's VisionTV adding two British soaps to line-up
VisionTV has announced that top-rated British soaps EASTENDERS and EMMERDALE will premiere on Monday, September 20, expanding the channel’s prime time BritBlock to two hours.

Maura West previews her YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS character
"She's strong, which I appreciate, and a fighter, and she has intriguing relationships with so many of the characters. And you know what? That sperm belonged to Diane! It was her husband's and she had a right to it! Diane will really enjoy tormenting people with her presence — especially Phyllis."

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