Sunday, August 29, 2010

CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: Claire Lowell

Claire Lowell Cassen, portrayed longest by Barbara Berjer (right), was the mother of Ellen. After the death of Jim Lowell, she married Dr. Doug Cassen, and after his death, she married the scheming Dr. Michael Shea and was embroiled in a fantastic love triangle with Lisa.

Claire turned to drink when Michael's attentions turned to Lisa, and Ellen long blamed Lisa for causing her mother such extreme heartbreak which, Ellen believed, contributed to her mother's death.

After being killed off of AS THE WORLD TURNS as Claire, Barbara Berjer had long running roles on both GUIDING LIGHT (as Holly's mother Barbara Norris) and ANOTHER WORLD (as Bridget Connell).


  1. Why wasn't there a picture yesterday? I missed it!

    Anyway, who's the woman on the left? Is it Ellen?

  2. I wish there is some way to show the classic episodes on TV. Weren't they on the Oxygen Channel?

  3. Woman on the left is Ellen portrayed by Patricia Bruder.

  4. I really loved the powerful mother/daughter scenes between Barbara as Claire & Patsy as Ellen on ATWT! :-)