Friday, July 30, 2010

WLS Interview Archive: Happy Birthday Victor Alfieri!

We Love Soaps wanted to send out a special birthday wish to this multi-talented international star.  In case you missed it, here is our recent interview with Victor Alfieri.

In Part One - Alfieri discussed his new role on ALL MY CHILDREN, and how growing up without a father led him to become the "class clown" entertainer.

In Part Two  - Alfieri shared the details of a tragic incident that changed the course of his life and his career, as well as life as Franco on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Plus what was "Franco's" name going to be on DAYS before Alfieri was hired?

In Part Three - Alfieri opened up about working on BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, the films he is producing, as well helpful hints for dealing with disappointment and betrayal.

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  1. Very Nice Interview Questions, Happy Birthday Wishes to Victor Alfieri!

  2. Happy Birthday to Victor Alfieri! have a great day