Sunday, March 14, 2010


The 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards were held last night, March 13, 2010 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. The event was hosted by Tony Award winner Alan Cumming.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE was named Outstanding Daily Drama, just days after announcing they are writing off popular couple Kyle and Fish.

BROTHERS AND SISTERS was named Outstanding Drama Series.


  1. Well, this award category will disappear soon: No Kish, no Nuke, and No Otalia.

  2. Congrats to Brett, Scott, and Ron on their much deserved award. Let's save Kish!

  3. Well duh. Of course they'll win instead of the much more desrving Otalia. GL's Otalia had better writing and better acting (courtesy of Chappell). The pairing came from an organic place. They built their love story from mundane activities like folding laundry, as compared to all the political overtones of Kish. And Chappell even created Venice to continue Otalia for their fans.

    But glaad is all about 1 thing: publicity. So of course they'lla ward it to OLTL since it'll garner more media mileage bec of Kish's recent axing. GL was ran by a Mormon Exec Producer (Wheeler) while OLTL's Headwriter is openly gay (Carlivati). Who do you think glaad will award?

    glaad has once again proven what a joke they are. They awarded Nuke when Nuke was banished from kissing or showing any affection on ATWT. I don't pay attention to glaad, but it wouldn't surprise me if they even awarded the first season of that now defunct but extremely racist show Queer as Folk (USA version) with their exclusion of black gay characters and only portraying Asian gay characters as prostitutes who can't speak English. glaad is all about publicity and not about the actual merits of the soaps.

  4. Congrats to OLTL. I am still floored by the whole 'Kish situation'. Mo, said it best "That must have been awkward".

  5. Ron looks VERY uncomfortable.. or is just a bad picture?

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