Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABC Considering Midday Newscast?

The New York Observer's Felix Gillette reports that ABC News execs have been considering a "midday news and lifestyle program that would be one part GOOD MORNING AMERICA, one part THE VIEW.

How ABC stations would fit the new show into their daytime line-up remains unclear--and it's still a strong possibility that the project will fizzle out long before it ever makes it onto the air. That said, according to our sources, ABC News executives have had preliminary discussions with internal and external candidates about what a midday news show might possibly look like.

Two names rumored for the gig: Ashleigh Banfield, who MediaBistro reported recently joined ABC News with a vague set of future responsibilities, and Tamron Hall, who's been a prominent dayside anchor on MSNBC. MSNBC had no comment. ABC SVP of creative development Phyllis McGrady is said to be overseeing the project.


  1. I don't see how they are going to fit that in, with some local ABC channels having their shows or news on at that time, and not to mention the time zone differences.

  2. Do we really need more news? We already have CNN, and constant breaking news during soaps.

  3. With the number of cable news channels, and the rise in popularity of 'entertainment'(tabloid) news, I'm guessing OLTL will get the axe, AMC will be pushed back an hour and the new info-tainment show will air from 1pm - 2pm in the old AMC slot.
    Gee, Mo, cynic much?