Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Annual Indie Soap Awards - LIVE

The 1st Annual Indie Soap Awards are here, honor the best in continuing drama and comedy on the web. You can watch the telecast below.


  1. Congratulations, Roger and Damon, on your groovy soap awards. I enjoyed watching them!

  2. Thanks, Marc and Blake! We had a wonderful time putting this together. :)

  3. Interesting how many web series there are out there. If these are the ones that have merit it's great you fellows are getting the word out on your wls site. One thing though, other than Venice and Gotham which I know about because of the soap stars involved, I don't know where to look to find any of these shows other than Robert Townsend smartly putting in his acceptance speech for diary of a single mom.

    Google worked for single mom but Lumina and Compulsions -no.

    Do you have one place on the site that lists the winners and have the link to them if people wish to sample? Are these shows still available to see?

    We need a tv guide for the web soaps. Name, link, starring who, brief description.

  4. I'm actually working on a web series guide at the moment. Also, on the right hand side of We Love Soaps you'll find labels for each show which include links (we also link in our Indie Soap Beat column). One place to find links at the moment is the front page.