Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEWS: White, Landers, La Rue, Franco, Hasselhoff

James Franco Cast In Danny Boyle's 127 Hours
According to Production Weekly Franco has been cast in the film and production will begin in Utah in March.

David Hasselhoff leaving AMERICA'S GOT TALENT
According to an exclusive statement given to, former YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star David Hasselhoff will be leaving the AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judging table after four years. “I am proud that I was part of making AMERICA'S GOT TALENT the No. 1 rated show for the past four summers,” the statement read. “It’s been a rewarding experience and now I’m thrilled to be able to follow my dream to do my own TV show, which will be announced very shortly.”

INTERVIEW: B&B's Betty White (ex-Ann)
"I died, and I got to act a lot. Oh, I died very dramatically. Alley Mills is a regular on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and she's wonderful. She's married to Orson Bean, who's an old friend. So Orson wrote me a note saying that he had heard about the SAG Award and he said, 'I'm freaking proud of you, Betty.' So I wrote him back and thanked him for the note. I said, 'I'm on a roll. I just got nominated for president of the FOAS,' and I put a star and then I translated it at the bottom: the Freaking Over-Acting Society."

Audrey Landers Takes on New Role as Fashion Designer
A successful television and film actress, singer, writer, composer, and producer -- as well as mother of teenage twin boys -- Audrey Landers (ex-Afton, DALLAS; ex-Joanna, THE SECRET STORM; ex-Connie, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW; ex-Heather, SOMERSET) can now add fashion designer and style entrepreneur to her credits. Audrey and her mother and business partner Ruth Landers bring their passion for fashion and their decades of experience working with clothing designers, to the Landers STAR Collection.

Eva La Rue engaged
La Rue is engaged again to to ex-boyfriend, Joe Cappuccio. She appeared on ALL MY CHILDREN's 40th anniversary special earlier this week.

INTERVIEW: ISIDINGO's Judy Ditchfield (Stella)
"Years ago a friend made buffalo for supper. Try soapy rubber. I ate it 'cos I was being polite to a friend who had so sweetly made me a special supper. Needless to say I went home and the bathroom was my bedroom for the night!"

AD AGE: People's Choice Awards Embraces Social Media
Procter & Gamble went out of the way to get more people involved in its 36-year-old People's Choice Awards, a sign of how TV producers are quickly tweaking the way they make their shows to cater to emerging viewer habits.

CES 2010: Panasonic, DirecTV Partner on 3D Launch
Panasonic and DirecTV answered weeks of speculation over which U.S. pay-TV operator would be first to launch a 3D HD service by announcing Wednesday at CES that DirecTV will launch 3 3D channels by June 2010, two linear channels and one video-on-demand-based channel.

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