Friday, August 3, 2012

CLASSIC CLIPS: Eileen Davidson

Eileen Davidson came in at #27 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list in 2010. Today she aired on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for the last time before her return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES in October.  Here are some classic clips of Davidson including her work in Y&R, DAYS, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and SANTA BARBARA.

1984: Ashley's wedding fantasy (Y&R).
1984: Ashley has no more time to waste on Lindsey (Y&R).

1986: Ashley and Jill square off (Y&R).
Sharing Richard: Davidson starred in this TV movie with Hillary B. Smith and Nancy Frangione.

1987: Steven proposes to Ashley (Y&R).
1992: Kelly wants a straight answer from Connor (SB).

1994: Kristen forms a friendship with Jennifer and Billie (DAYS).
1996: Kristen meets Susan Banks (DAYS).

1998: John, Marlena, Brady, and Belle, along with the rest of Salem, come together for Susan's wedding (DAYS).
1998: Sister Mary has a few words for Kristen (DAYS).

2000: Ashley and Diane have a revealing confrontation (Y&R).
2007: Gloria fights with Ashley and Jack about Johns funeral (Y&R).

2007: Ashley and Brooke argue about Ridge (B&B).
2008: Ashley leaves Los Angeles (and B&B).

2009: Ashley is gaslighted (Y&R).
2012: Ashley leaves Genoa City with Traci (Y&R.

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  1. My favorite Eileen Davidson memory is when Kristen smashed a picture of John and Marlena repeating over and over again "this is what's left of John and Marlena, this is what's left of John and Marlena." That scene in my mind was extremely classic!