Friday, December 18, 2009


This week on ANOTHER WORLD TODAY, the text version of the soap ten years later, it was revealed that Jamie had raped Cecile. Jamie Frame is now a rapist. Meanwhile, on GUIDING LIGHT (via the Tweets of Mindy Lewis Bauer), Mindy found out Billy wasn't married to her mother when she was born, and she and Rick are battling AW's Felicia Gallant to adopt, Lori Ann, Dean and Jenna's baby.

Do you like these latest twists? Do you like the crossovers?


  1. While I'm following Mindy's tweets (and loving them), I'm not following the text of Another World today. Show's been gone for 10 years now, so not much reason to follow it.

    But reading they're rewriting history to make Jamie Frame a rapist, that really bothers me. Jamie had his problems, but was always an upstanding character.

    Interesting that Dean and Jenna named their daughter Lori Ann, which is the same name as Mike Karr's daughter on Edge of Night (even though she spelled it Laurie Ann).

  2. For those who believe that we are rewriting history, please consult page #55 of the Official Another World Today book.

    In 1981, Jamie raped his then-wife, Cecile. She had been maliciously slipping him drugs in an attempt to discredit Jamie so she could move on to Mac's newly discovered son, Sandy.

    When you've got 35 years of fantastic story to work with, you don't need to make things up!

  3. I remember Clarice and Blaine being raped in 1981 but never Cecile. Jamie did hit Cecile once when he was drugged but I can't remember him raping her or anyone EVER. I would love to see that footage if it happened.

  4. Here's a synopsis from July 10, 1981

    Brian was telling Blaine that traces of an anticoagulant were found in Jordan’s body, when Larry walked in with Jordan’s client book. Mac told Sandy he has a way to stop people from talking about him. Marianne told Mitch that Jamie wants to see Rachel. Ilsa called Jason to ensure his cooperation with Hannah and Lenny. Sandy refused to let Mac tell everyone about their father-son relationship. Larry and Brian hoped the client book would prove that Blaine didn’t cause Jordan’s death. Mitch told Rachel that Jamie wants to see her at the hospital. Sandy and Melissa were turned away from L'Auberge. Brian asked Judge Maxwell for a fifteen-minute recess. Jamie assured Mac and Rachel that he will recover completely. In court, Brian questioned Mitch about the medicine bottle found in the photograph of Jordan’s body. Cecile LIED to Russ that Jamie hit and raped her, and didn’t want any visitors at the hospital. Jamie told Mac and Rachel that he’s seeing a psychiatrist. Jamie asked to speak with Mac alone. Melissa worried to Sandy about the people Ilsa is sending to Bay City. Rick told Brian that the prescription in the medicine bottle was an anticoagulant, which can cause someone to bleed to death. Jamie asked Mac for some time off from work. Cecile blamed Rachel for Jamie’s condition. The coroner, Dr. Barrows, told Brian that Jordan may have lived had he been treated for his gunshot wound and not been given the anticoagulant. Rachel told Mac she no longer trusts Cecile. Brian questioned Larry about the second bullet found in Jordan’s house. Cecile cried on Sandy’s shoulder about Jamie. Mitch was bothered by seeing Rachel with Mac. Brian called Zachary to the stand.

  5. Roger, you've really arrived when you've got P&G Classic Soaps responding to postings on your site!

    P&G Classic Soaps, some of us remember previous attempts to rewrite history such as AW trying to say that Cass was Maggie's father rather than Sandy; GL starting a plot that suggested that Rick would turn out to be Michelle's father, not Ed. In both cases, it was longtime fans writing in to cry foul that put a stop to those plots.

    So forgive us if we're suspiscious of anything that even remotely resembles a rewrite.

    I rememebr Cecile drugging Jamie. Remember him hitting her. Remember him coming on to her while doped up and her rebuffing him. Don't remember Jamie actually raping her. Rememeber Cecile lying to Sandy to get his sympathy about everything.

    If there was a rape, it took place off camera and wasn't implicitly made clear to the audience.

  6. Also, Billy (In a moving monologue by Jordan Clarke) told Phillip on GL about being forced to marry Mindy's mother in a "shotgun wedding." So unless Billy was lying, again they are ignoring their history.