Monday, August 6, 2012

WLS Interview Archive: Louise Sorel

Louise Sorel celebrates her 72nd birthday today. I had the honor of speaking with the actress in the summer of 2009 about her return to Days of our Lives as well as highs and lows of her acting career. In case you missed it, here is the complete five-part interview:

In Part One, Ms. Sorel discusses her early career, her relationship with Dame Judith Anderson, and the unfortunate (yet ambivalent) fate of Laken Lockridge's pet pigeon.

In Part Two, Ms. Sorel shares receiving a letter from President Reagan, the end of Augusta Lockridge, and the beginning of Vivian Alamain.

In Part Three, the actress shares her experience working on Days of our Lives, burying Carly alive, and a day in the life as a box of french fries.

In Part Four, we learn how a strong, dedicated, and opinionated actress come back to the show that fired her eight years earlier? Read here to find out!

In Part Five, we discussed more about the causes that are near to her heart, and some hard life lessons learned.

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  1. I wonder what Louise's thoughts are about the last departure of Vivian from DAYS…