Thursday, November 5, 2009

News Round-up: Jackson, V, Franco, Catfight, Martsolf

INTERVIEW: DAYS stars Lindsay Hartley & Eric Martsolf (Arianna & Brady)
Martsolf: After PASSIONS, it’s so strange being on DAYS. The walls don’t bleed! No one’s putting you under a witch’s spell in order to have sex with you. It’s weird to be on something so character-driven. On Days we get inside the minds of our characters. We actually have conversations where we talk about our emotions.
Hartley: I like the fact that if DAYS tells the audience that something is about to happen it actually happens—and within like the next two or three episodes. And then we move on! One time on PASSIONS it took us six weeks of episodes to play out one day in Harmony time. I was in the same dress for six weeks!

EASTWICK to be pre-empted for Janet Jackson
EASTWICK will be pre-empted on Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 10 p.m. in favor of ABC News' Jackson sit-down.

"V" debuts big with 13.9M viewers
In initial overnight ratings, “V,” a remake of a 1980’s sci-fi series about an alien invasion, hit a 5 rating in the 18-to-49 age group that networks prize (because advertisers pay the most to reach it), the best number of any drama or comedy series introduced this fall.

Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin: Oscar's most unflappable hosts?
"They are men of elastic talents who have proved themselves on the requisite stage, screen and television," says Mary McNamara. "Martin created the template for the modern stand-up-turned-serious-movie-star, while Baldwin's career morphed from handsome young romantic lead to handsome older master of comedy." She adds: "Together, they have played to virtually every sort of house in every sort of role — if nothing else, they will no doubt be the most unflappable hosts in Oscar history."

First Look: James Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL
ABC has released the first photos of Franco on GH.

James Franco heads to 30 ROCK
NBC declined to comment, but a 30 ROCK insider says that Franco (playing himself) will be involved in a faux romance with Jane Krakowski’s Jenna — a relationship engineered by their respective agents.

VIDEO: ATWT films in Pittsburgh
Video from the AS THE WORLD TURNS shoot on Monday at the Mattress Factory, North Side, in Pittsburgh.

Naomi catfight coming on 90210
According to Michael Ausiello, "There’s a catfight coming up between Naomi and another female character that will put Alexis and Krystle’s legendary lily pond brawl to… okay, it’s not as good as that one, but it’s still pretty damn memorable."

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